Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Joelle Jones Supergirl Statue

Over the weekend, news came out that artist extraordinaire Joelle Jones will be designing a series of DC Cover Girls statues. I am a big fan of Jones so this was great news for me. It looks like the first statue is going to be a classic Harley Quinn and it perfectly captures her zany, madcap fun.

There is a nice video where Jones talks about her approach to statue design and how 'gumption' and 'elbow grease' is what she needed to get where she wanted to. Here is a link:

And I was glad to hear that Supergirl is going to be one of the statues in the line. Jones is already linked to Kara with the Supergirl Being Super book. But I since I love Jones' style, I am glad we are getting this. And, thankfully, there are early process pics of what the statue could look like over on Comics Beat.

Here is a link to Comics Beat coverage:http://www.comicsbeat.com/wondercon17-dc-collectibles-get-expressive/

How great is this going to look? There is something optimistic and pensive and even a bit angelic about Supergirls expression here. She seems to be looking out, into the future. And her pose is a sort of graceful one, holding the cape as it billows in the wind.

Supergirl statues (and often commissions) come in two predominant flavors. One is the youthful, smiling, overly exuberant young hero relishing her actions. The other is the angelic, almost beatific pose. She is pure, innocent, and looking to the light.

This statue falls into the latter, obviously. I'm not complaining.
Compare that to the early peek at the Burnside Batgirl.

You want someone having fun while being a super-hero? This is it. The acrobatic pose, the upside-down nature of the whole design, that wide smile? It all just screams joy.

Batgirl fans everywhere should start saving out their pennies.

Of course, how can I not share my own Jones' commission one more time.

Anyways, this is great news. The statues are coming out in 2018 so time to start putting a little bit away every week!


Anonymous said...

Those designs look very impressive.

Supergirl's look is very unique. Batgirl oozes joy and optimism. And Harley Quinn looks like Harley Quinn! Astonishing! (I'm not a fan of the redesigns Harley has had since 2011, in case you couldn't tell ;))

That commission is awesome. Who would have thought two years ago that Jones would draw a Supergirl book...

PD: Several years ago Jim Shooter shared in his blog DC's 60's character guide style. Seeing the heroes happy and smiling was heart-warming. I looked for it in his blog unsuccessfully, but I found a George Perez's drawing of the female Legionnaries instead. Just in case you haven't seen it:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Anj. I keep looking at it, and while I don't hate it, something seems... off about it. Can't
quite put my finger on it, maybe it's because from the sketch Kara's costume seems more like the Kryptonian version
of nightwear or lingerie. There's probably some echoes of the 70s ballerina version of Kara's costume...

Overall though, I can't complain.