Thursday, April 13, 2017

DC Superhero Girls Lego Videos

I knew that DC Superhero Girls had become a Lego property. And any sort of cross-pollination of these characters into different arenas is appreciated. Heck, think of how much the Lego Batman video games and movies have done to bring DC characters into people's homes.

What I didn't know was that there are Lego DC Superhero Girls videos being produced and available on YouTube. There are a few to watch, most including Supergirl, and they all are a ton of fun.

I thought I'd review one called Trading Places, which showcases Supergirl and is a good introduction to the style of the videos. Here is a link:

 I know I am not the target audience but they are fun. If you enjoy DCSHG or the Lego movies, you probably will get a kick out of these.

As in the main DCSHG cartoon, Lena Luthor is the main villain. Here she is deliciously over the top in her use of the standard criminal posturing and use of monologue. I love that Killer Moth is her lackey!

Here, Luthor is defending her Lexcorp hideout with a machine that robs the heroes of their powers. But she doesn't have a snappy name for it. So she initially calls it the 'super power un-powering machine' then stammers that she is workshopping the name. Then later she calls it her 'untitled machine'. That is pretty funny!

 Once the machine is perfected, Luthor will unleash it onto Superhero High.

The girls aren't too happy with that. As they start to brainstorm on how to defeat Lena, Supergirl admits that Lena is 'smart in a way' and then later that Luthor is 'smart-ish'. I like that Supergirl just doesn't want to compliment Luthor in any way.

It just solidifies the Super/Luthor relationship of dislike.

 Batgirl has a great idea. She and Supergirl will trade places to try and trick Luthor.

This is Batgirl (did you see the green eyes ... a dead giveaway)!

But looking like Supergirl and being Supergirl are two different things.

 Pretty quickly, "Supergirl" is captured. Lena doesn't know that this is a fake because the depowering machine makes a captured Kryptonian plausible. Batgirl, as Supergirl, is pretty peeved about the whole thing. She has no exit strategy and thinks Kara got the better end of this switch.

I think Lena is the best character in this series. I love her bloated, evil self. (In another short, she has an instructional video she shows the heroes to discuss Kryptomites. So funny.)

 As for Supergirl, she isn't quite the computer whiz that Babs is. When Principal Waller asks 'Batgirl' to help fix the school's computer network, Kara struggles. After beating the keyboard and making things worse, she blasts the monitor with her heat vision.

Everybody has their unique skills.

And seeing a flustered Supergirl usually makes me smile.

In the end, Babs frees herself and dismantles Lena's device. This allows the real Supergirl to fly in. The villains are captured.

Nice little ending here with two Supergirls congratulating each other.

It's a shame that the only way to get the Supergirl Lego figure is in a pretty pricey big set. I'd love to have one!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Anj. Did not know they'd made DCSHG Lego clips... but hey, with all the fun and energy behind
the DCSHG shorts and in general, more for us fans to enjoy! I keep raving whatever WB and DC is letting Shea
Fontana do, KEEP IT UP!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Didn't know about it before.

Anonymous said...

Real, real funny and loveable.

"It just solidifies the Super/Luthor relationship of dislike."

Let's remember Action Comics 286. One issue after Supergirl's existence became public, she defeats, outsmarts and humilliates Lex Luthor. Written by Jerry Siegel.

I have the feeling that Superman's co-creator respected Supergirl way more than those continued his legacy.