Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mike Maihack Supergirl/Batgirl Web Comic

Mike Maihack has made another short web comic starring the World's Finest team of Supergirl and Batgirl. Here is the link to his blog and the above comic:

Maihack has explored the friendship of the two heroes before. I talked about it here .

Obviously, this is a breezy, cute, and fun comic. But it captures so much. Supergirl is so enthusiastic and open, discussing her costume with us, the unseen audience. Batgirl has seemed more reserved in these comics which leads to some great interaction.

I also liked how Maihack had Babs say her costume was a halloween outfit, which of course it was in her original appearance.

But this was the best moment, when Babs has to confess she wears a Batman shirt and has a crush on him. But the implied 'peek' with X-ray vision adds some nice humor to the bit. I also liked that Supergirl has to admit she also finds Batman attractive as well. As a Supergirl fan, I ate this up.

I really hope that Maihack continues to find time to do these strips now and then. They are like a fluffy pastries ... light, delicious, and incredibly satisfying.


Martin Gray said...

They are cute, but I just cannot see the attraction of Batman. Millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, maybe ...

Gene said...

So where do we send the dump truck full of money so Maihack can keep drawing these? :D


Anonymous said...

These are just too freakin' cute for words, something about Babs and Kara lend themselves to this sort of treatment. You'd NEVER get the same effect with say, "She Hulk" and the bronze age "Valkyrie" for example.


mathematicscore said...

Yeah, this rules. Pay this man.