Friday, December 30, 2011

Dark Supergirl Action Figure

Over on Comic Book Resources, Mattel has announced the next wave of DC All-Star action figures, due out this year. There is also a good discussion about a collector friendly web-site that allows the more serious collector access to more esoteric figures.

Here is the link to that article, well worth reading in its entirety:

The series includes the new Superman, the old DCU Red Robin, and the Flash. It also includes Dark Supergirl, in her all her black costume glory.

I liked the James Robinson treatment of Dark Supergirl in his Justice League run. Dark Supergirl was a sort of sanctuary for Supergirl when the weight of personal tragedy was too great a burden to carry. She sunk into this petty personality to try to shield herself from feeling anything. So I think I have to get this figure for my collection.

It's a shame that the mold seems to be from the DC Universe Classic series, one of the weaker Supergirl figures to come out recently.

Still, Dark Supergirl played a role in the last incarnation of Supergirl's life, sort of bookending her life. Dark Supergirl appeared in her first adventure and nearly in her last. As such, I'm glad that she will have a figure of her own.

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