Thursday, December 1, 2011

George Perez To Draw An Issue Of Supergirl

Bleeding Cool is running a story here where George Perez has stated that he will be drawing an upcoming issue of Supergirl. Here is the Perez quote from that page:

 Just submitted the plot to SUPERMAN #6, my final issue. Now I have to dialogue Issue 5 (working over Nicola Scott’s gorgeous pencils) and then I will be finishing the pencils to an inventory BIRDS OF PREY story before I go on to draw an issue of SUPERGIRL. After that– well you’ll just have to wait and see! ;-)

I, for one can't wait to see the issue. I hope it is one in the current story arc and not an 'inventory' issue for some unforeseen down time. This is nothing against the amazing Mahmud Asrar. If Perez' pinch hitting gives him more time to get ahead of schedule, that's great too.

Now I know that Perez and Supergirl are most famous for Crisis on Infinite Earths. But we have seen more Perez Supergirl in recent years and it's all been great. He always seems to be able to get just the right mix of strength and youthful exuberance.

In the earliest issues of the Brave and Bold relaunch, Supergirl plays a pretty big part of a team of heroes trying to get back The Book of Destiny.

I  especially liked this issue in which Supergirl pairs up with Lobo. Their interactions and differences in how they approach problems was a lot of fun.

We saw a more classic take on Supergirl in the Crisis issue of DC Universe: Legacies, a very underrated series looking back at that DCU's history.

And a similar head-banded Kara was seen in the Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds in which all the versions of the Legion come together to fight the Superboy Prime/Time Trapper.

I think this is the Supergirl outfit Perez is most comfortable with.

But he also drew her in the all-woman brawl story in Wonder Woman #600. Isn't that just a great Supergirl?

I wonder if his issue will be something of a rest issue, one where Perez art will match the tone of the story.

Anyways, as always, thanks to Bleeding Cool for spreading the news!


valerie21601 said...

Mahmud Asrar will be needing that George Perez issue real soon.

Asrar announced last night (on his Deviantart blog) he and his wife are now proud parents of a healthy, beautiful baby boy.

Anonymous said...

Hey congrats to the Asrar fam!

As for Perez, he is officially forgiven his apostasy re. "COIE #7".



Gene said...

George Perez knows how to draw Supergirl well. I really liked the Brave and the Bold issue where she teamed up with Hal "17" Jordan.

Congrats to Mahmud Asrar for his superboy!


Anj said...

Completely missed the news about Mahmud Asrar's baby.

Congratulations! Being a father is awesome!

Gustavo Delamarques said...

I like see good notice, Supergirl pré-crisis return, She is the true.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Asrar on the newborn and Perez on the awesome gig! Can't wait to see what Perez ces up with!- ealperin