Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fan Submitted Supergirl Costumes

Late last month, I reviewed Superman #137 here because it was an issue stuffed with homages and references to some comics history. Included in that was a future 'Supergirl' sporting a mod costume straight out of the Mike Sekowsky Adventure Comics run.

With that floating around my mind as well as the ongoing discussion around the DCnU Supergirl's new costume and blog friend Saranga (of the great Pai blog) rereading the Adventure run, I thought I would take another look back at those 1970's variant comics, specifically some pages acknowledging Supergirl fans and their submitted versions.

It all started in Adventure Comics #387, sporting this classic cover of Supergirl mulling over which new costume she should wear. It is a fun story I should review in total some day. In the issue, Kara heads to Diana Prince's fashion store and gets some help. The ultimate costume she chooses is the one sported in Superman #137. That costume was designed by fan Barbara Reader and sent in.

The next month was something of a transition month for Supergirl. Adventure Comics #398 had 2 stories, one in which she sported the classic Silver Age blue dress (as seen on the cover) and a second in the new costume.

In between, there were some page where Supergirl showcases some of the other costumes sent in.

I like the 'talking to the reader' moment here as Supergirl says 'Hold It ... Stop!', a way to jarringly let the reader now that things are going to be new, including an array of costumes.

At the end of the second story, Supergirl again thanks everyone who sent in their ideas while sporting the current 'new costume'.

A little over a half a year later, DC release Super DC Giant #24, a Supergirl issue reprinting her famous battle with her first arch-villain Lesla Lar. But the cover also has a Sekowsky Supergirl saying that more costumes are on the inside.

And again, Supergirl talks to the reader thanking those who sent in costume designs and commenting on some of the specifics including how 'groovy' they are and describing one of them as a 'boy chasing costume'.

On this page, she likes the top right costume as loungewear.

And here she digs the hip hugger belt on the lower left.

How great that back then fans could do such a thing and get some page time. I will admit that not many of these costumes grabbed me. Of course I was looking at these through a 90s and 00s lens as I was buying these back issues.


Anonymous said...

To think that back in the sixties, about half of Supergirl's fanbase (based on the costumes submitted) wanted to put her in a pair of blue bell bottoms.
The mind reels...


Martin Gray said...

I love that Supergirl helped her readers get hip to deadline problems ...

I wasn't keen on many of those costumes even through Seventies eyes, but I love that DC let the readers get involved to such an extent. And how amazing that Diana Prince sold off-the-peg Supergirl costumes (bring back Morgana!).

Lordy, if only we could design something to replace the current monstrosity.