Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HERO Initiative JLA #50 Covers

The HERO Initiative is a great charity which collects money to help comic creators in need of assistance. One of their recent endeavors was to have artists mock up a blank covered Justice League of America #50 which would then be auctioned off. I commented and posted some of the covers that caught my eye in the past  here.

Last week the organization posted the final tally, 104 spectacular covers. The gallery can be found here:

Remember, this was dealer's choice in terms of what the artists wanted to do. This was during James Robinson's run with Supergirl, the Dick Grayson Batman, Jade, etc as the roster. So some artists depicted that team. Others did the classic. Others a single character. All are phenomenal. But, I chose a few to showcase.

First off, the cover above featuring Robinson's team as drawn by current Legion artist (and one of my favorite new artists) Francis Portela. I was hoping to eventually see Portela's take on Supergirl. I like Kara and Jesse leaning on Batman like old friends, maybe even a bit flirty, and Batman's astonished expression. Cute.

Dan Brereton has always been one of my favorite artists and I should probably post my personal commission from him soon. But look at this cover depicting an all female league. The 'Batwoman' looks just like his Barbara Gordon hero from the Howard Chaykin Thrillkiller Elseworld books.

I love Brereton's style and this is a great piece.

Pere Perez did a great Supergirl in both the Nightwing/Flamebird issues of Action Comics as well as some of the Steph Brown Batgirl issues, so I had to include this cover, split half and half with the Robinson JLA and the Crime Syndicate. That was the storyline within the issue.

I hope to see Perez' work again soon.

Lastly, I thought I'd post this cover by current Batgirl artist Ardian Syaf. That is one fierce looking Supergirl there!

The issues are being auctioned off with details provided on the web site. I can only imagine how much some of these would go for. The plan is to also collect them in a more affordable book which I think I will buy given the diverse nature and compositions of the covers as well as the great renditions of Supergirl on a bunch of them!

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