Monday, November 14, 2011

Supergirl Preview Pages In Action Comics #3

The back pages of Action Comics #3 included 2 page publicity press for the other Super-titles.

For Supergirl fans who have combed the internet for interviews and sneak peeks, there isn't much new information here. Still, any publicity is good publicity and hopefully this will lead to some new readers.

It does hammer home this particular take on Supergirl. The opening line is that she is a 'teenager with an attitude struggles to find a place - and survive - on a strange and savage new world, Earth!'

As always, I hope the estranged piece of this reboot is relatively short lived leading to more heroic stories.

There are glimpses that make me optimistic ... as there always is with this reboot. But here Green and Johnson say 'action without heart is just noise, so our first priority is to make fans fall in love with Kara'. Hopefully they realize that an isolated and angry and disaffected main character will eventually become unloveable because we represent the people that Supergirl has no affection for.

I wonder if Joe Kelly thought his Supergirl was someone the readers would fall in love with.

There is a nice Mahmud Asrar preview page at the bottom, high res scanned and enlarged for your easier viewing pleasure.

I like the look of the gelatinous 'central nervous system only' creatures.

The team sounds passionate about their vision and hopefully that will translate to great stories and a popular book.

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