Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Supergirl: Good Looking Corpse Trade

Remember back in September when this was posted in the DC solicits?

On sale DECEMBER 7 • 176 pg, FC, $17.99 US
Someone is trying to kill the young heroes of the DC Universe in these stories from SUPERGIRL #60-67! Who is this villain, and how can Supergirl stop him? Maybe her friends can help – namely, Batgirl, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian, Static and Robin!

I don't know why Kelly Sue Deconnick wasn't mentioned in the credits (or why Nick Spencer got first billing given his small contribution here). But in the end, it doesn't matter. The trade was cancelled meaning anyone looking for it today at the comic store isn't going to find it.

Was it cancelled because the DC wanted to move away from the old DCU and embrace the DCnU? Did they not want to remind people of this Supergirl? Or did they just think sales wouldn't be strong enough to merit the collection?

Anyways, I was looking forward to rereading these stories in this format and considered this trade as a sort of final goodbye to that version of Kara Zor-El. Too bad.


collectededitions said...

Part of a troubling trend, to be sure. At least DC collected all of Sterling Gates's Supergirl stories. I guess, whether pre-order numbers just weren't there or DC didn't want to spend the money, a collection of Supergirl stories by fill-in writers, essentially, just couldn't make it in this market. On the brighter side, you know they'll definitely publish the next Supergirl collection by Johnson and Green.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing though, since this was a storyline I enjoyed. I suppose we should be "Grateful" that she was not killed off and our own selves expunged from the ranks of DC Fandom as was the case in 1985.


Gear said...

I discovered this when I went to my comic store to pick up my pulls today. That wasn't good news for me, it really took the shine off of having new books.

I was really hoping that I could have this entire run of Supergirl in trade paperback form, beginning to end. It probably shouldn't have, but it made me start re-thinking trades in general, and if buying them is a good idea since they might just stop being printed in the middle of a run. I hate looking at the shelf and realizing it will be incomplete.

Not having fun with this at all.

Gene said...

And another kick to the head for fans to cap off a disappointing year, courtesy of DC Comics.

Speaking of trades, didn't Sterling Gates tweet awhile ago that he had written an introduction to the Bizarrogirl trade? I didn't see it in there when that trade was released.


Anonymous said...

Very disappointing, I pre-ordered this trade as soon as I heard it was going to be published. Now I guess I am going to search back-issue dealers instead.

Anj said...

I also was pretty bummed out by this.

Peaty's story really set up who Supergirl was in the younger generation of the DCU. She was unsure of herself, but confident and strong. And it dovetailed nicely with Gates' last story.

And DeConnick's story was a bit lighter and fun, a breather after the heavier concepts before it.

I would have loved a trade.

Anj said...

Speaking of trades, didn't Sterling Gates tweet awhile ago that he had written an introduction to the Bizarrogirl trade? I didn't see it in there when that trade was released.

Yes, he did. But it wasn't in the trade.

If it exists, I would print it here in a heartbeat. I don't know if that's possible.

Plantagenet said...

Just goes to show that waiting for the trade just doesn't cut it anymore, especially when it comes to lower-selling titles. The final Kate Spencer Manhunter trade was cancelled as well.