Monday, September 5, 2011

Mike Maihack' Supergirl/Batgirl Book

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this cover by Mike Maihack who proposed an all-ages Supergirl/Batgirl for the DC Fifty-Too web project. His concept of Supergirl arriving at Gotham High and slowly becoming friends with Barbara caused enough of a stir on the web that over on his blog, Maihack did a 6 panel page for this version of the characters.

Here is the link:
So that's a funny little strip showing how a major plot/villain like the Joker could be captured within a panel's time by Supergirl. I think this could be a very fun book to read.

I don't think that rotating Supergirl costume would work in any other vehicle other than an all ages book. And I like that Maihack captures some of the more famous looks of Supergirl as she whisks in and out of costume. Supergirl seems bright, sunny, and optimistic here.

Here is a blurb by Maihack about his take on the Supergirl/Batgirl relationship from Babs' perspective, at least at its beginning.

As for Batgirl, it’s important to note she’s not just a younger female Batman. Where Batman has become almost superhuman in his ability to do ANYTHING, Barbara has to work really, really hard to do what she does! I mean, she’s naturally super bright, but I imagine she still trains and disciplines her mind and body to a ridiculous degree both day and night in order to not look like a complete fool fighting next to the likes of Batman and Nightwing cleaning up the gritty streets of Gotham City. And then along comes this wonder-teen from Metropolis who’s able to do it all so effortlessly. And with better hair. That would be a fun relationship to explore.

Of course, this is a theoretical comic. But I don't know how long I would want to read a book where Batgirl seems jealous of Supergirl. I don't want to see 'Mean Girls' between Babs and Kara. Still, this is a cute six panels, one I will share with the supergirls at home.

But seriously, can't we just get Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade??


MOCK! said...

Brilliant! I like the take on the relationship. I read it like Raven/Starfire from the recent Teen Titans cartoon...with Batgirl significantly cheerier than Raven and Supergirl slightly less cheerier than Starfire...

Anonymous said...

If DC is committed to producing "same day" digital delivery of it's floppy comics, then how long before they simply start creating comics exclusively for the digital environment?
And maybe just maybe that is the solution for books with passionate if marginal fan bases....Assuming digital delivery is a more economic option than the current matrix.


Anonymous said...

He reacted to the outrage at his lazyness in the original story.-
Ooh! I´ll have the villian say "magic!" & SG drops dead for the rest of the story.- THEN Batgirl somehow beats the villain (again!) with her Atomic weapons (Batarangs).-
THIS is the REAL Supergirl. THIS is the REAL balance of their powers.-THIS is how the stories would unfold in real life.
The rest is daydreaming and mental lazyness on the part of writers.-

Gene said...

Anj wrote:

"But seriously, can't we just get Cosmic Adventures in the 9th Grade??"

Hear! Hear!

That Batgirl/Supergirl comic is adorable also. I'd rather read that than the entire DCnU put together.


Martin Gray said...

Yes, I'll take both the theoretical comic and the unseen sequel, please.

I didn't read the precis as implying any Mean Girls-style antagonistic relationship so much as two girls with something in common, but big differences, finding their way to friendship. With jokes.

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I think digital could be a boon for more niche like titles. I can say that if digital was the only mode for Supergirl books, I would probably get them (although I prefer paper issues much more).

And good point Mart about Babs and Kara just coming from different places but working together. I get the sense they are great friends here.

Anonymous said...

Same here, Anj! Put up my Twitition for the sequel to Mr. Landry and Mr. Jones' wonderful series!: