Friday, September 2, 2011

Superman Family Statue

The second part of the Superman Family three part statue came out late last month. This piece was the Supergirl/Steel portion of the statue (although this part included Superman's legs).

It is a very nice statues showing a strong and comfortable Supergirl, sitting down on the Daily Planet globe. It is also something of a last hurrah for this version of Supergirl and this costume. I do like that this statue favors the Jamal Igle version of the costume, the 'belly shirt' a bit longer than in prior merchandise.

I think the crossed arms give Supergirl a sort of quiet confidence as opposed to making her seem cold or isolated.

The statue fits onto the base with a small peg. But the back of the statue is just a nicely rendered complete with the yellow trim of the cape and yellow S-shield. There is also a fair amount of detail to the back of her hair.

There are also nice accents to the front of the piece including the gold trim on the shirt, sleeves, as well as the belt buckle.

I thought that her expression would be a smiling one based mostly on the preview pictures on the DC Direct website. I wonder if this flatter expression is unique to my piece or if that was a change given the perceived change in tone in the upcoming comics.

Small scan I know, but this looks like she is smiling with a 'softer' expression.

Again, this is a multi-part statue as seen above when complete. The first part included Superboy, Power Girl, and the rest of Superman. Each piece has a hefty price tag of $195. I don't know if I will ever end up getting the other half to complete the statue but it would an impressive and beautiful piece to have.

And there is already a feeling of nostalgia about this piece. Superman, Superboy and Supergirl's costumes are radically different in the DCnU. I haven't heard if Steel is around in the DCnU. And I don't know if Power Girl is the Karen Starr in Mr. Terrific, or appearing in the JSA Earth 2 book, or not around at all either.

Still for Supergirl fans, this is a nice (if very expensive) piece of memorabilia.


Unknown said...

That's awesome. I love it! I would love to have that displayed in my office (if only it wasn't so dang expensive).

Anonymous said...

Now isn´t she lovely!.-
Truly an Angel´s face.-
The feminine face of God in Heaven-

Anonymous said...

I like it, she looks vaguely "grown up".


Anj said...

Looks very nice on the shelf, I must say.

Will post a pic of my entire collection soon.