Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Preview Info About 'Grounded' Including A Superwoman Sighting?

The DC Source blog has just been an overflowing font of teases and information this week as DC enters the new year with a nice media blitz. Posts saying that titles will remain $2.99, that the letters page will return to books (and can be electronically sent), and letters from the CEO and co-editors all set the table for the upcoming year.

And the Superman books also got some much needed publicity.

Here is the link for this mysterious panel from an upcoming (but unknown) issue from Grounded:

Of course this doesn't look like a suburb in America. So what exactly is this?

If I had to guess, this is some sort of Superman Inc., a group of heroes in the future which carry on the legacy of the S-shield. There are all manners of heroes in this panel which is worth perusing closely.

For me, the person that grabbed my eyes was the Superwoman that Superman is talking to in the lower left corner.

If this is the future... and given the color of the cowl, I don't think that's Lucy.

Could this be the return of the Kristin Wells Superwoman to the DCU? No visible red hair, no blue cowl. Still, I am keeping my fingers crossed. I know that Karsta Wor-Ul used that moniker when she was on Earth ... but this future Kristin Wells will always be the 'real' one for me.

That panel doesn't seem to fit what I have come to expect in 'Grounded' so hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.

But there was also another post about 'Grounded' as DC tries to pump some energy into this arc. Here is the link to a post where upcoming writer Chris Roberson talks about his run a little:

And here is the blurb:

“On an unconscious level, Superman’s return to the American Heartland in an attempt to reconnect with the values that he has begun to question, and to revisit the kinds of places where he had his earliest formative experiences

As 2011 unfolds, we’ll see Superman get to the real heart of this journey, both geographically and emotionally, as he encounters allies and enemies that remind him of key moments in his past. An encounter with the Flash in Colorado serves to remind Superman of the time he and teenaged Lex Luthor shared a detention hall. A meeting with Batman in the Utah desert calls to mind the time Clark Kent and a young Bruce Wayne defended a village in Bhutran from Vandal Savage, who was searching for the road to Nanda Parbat. And of course, those are only two of the eight stories we’ll be telling.”

 I don't know if this changes much about 'Grounded' other than it looks like we'll be getting some flashback stories now rather than neighborhood strolls. As I have said before, I feel for Roberson who had to step in for Straczynski. I hope that somehow he is able to get the Superman title back on the tracks and bring this title back to some sense of relevance.


Anonymous said...

Could be Linda...hopefully they didn't scrap her after RIH. She needs some publicity. Btw, I think you should sign this:


Anonymous said...

Btw, who's the kid on her right? Ariella, Cir-El (I hope not), or a superboy clone?

Anonymous said...

Just thought of something....

Maybe if they're going this route.... Linda should exist..or at least Matrix should...

Maybe she's the brunette chick on the lower right...the costume seems right for Matrix/ Peter David's Supergirl plus she does go bck and forth between Linda And Supergirl...

Maybe since she was spotted as a blonde in RIH she's going back to being a brunette...


Anj said...

That is a great idea for the brunette in the red skirt!

I miss Linda.

Anonymous said...

same here anj.... same here... :(-ealperin