Wednesday, January 19, 2011

News From Blog Friends Part 3

Last post about recent news from blog-friends is a Twitter petition from ealperin, who hopes to get a new Linda Danvers series from DC. Here is the link:

I love the Linda Danvers character and so support this initiative. At least let's get Linda out of the hell she was put in during the Reign in Hell mini-series. She deserves better than that.

Thanks ealperin!

And thanks to everyone in the Supergirl community!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! You just made my evening!-ealperin

Anonymous said...

btw, anj...I also made a "get Laura Vandervoort back on Smallville" post- the "Supergirl" episode- twitition- ealperin:

Saranga said...

kara needs to get back to smallville (but no spoiler pls, I'm only halfway through season 9!) and linda needs her own series. i support boht these things!

Rick said...

I'm doing my own comic fanfic for Linda Danvers. It will be posted on my blogspot soon.