Wednesday, January 19, 2011

News From Blog Friends Part 1

I really appreciate it when folks who frequent this blog share their Supergirl news with me. It really makes me feel like there is a community here.

So I figured I would spread the news that some blog-friends have forwarded to me recently. There will be several posts today spread out over the morning. We'll start of with Gene who recently went to the 2011 Amazing Arizona Comic Con and met a couple of creators from the initial story that brought the Kara Zor-El Supergirl back to the DCU: writer Jeph Loeb and colorist Peter Steigerwald.

As usual, I'll have some comments. Take it away Gene!

Jeph Loeb said that he had not seen the Superman animated episode "Little Girl Lost" before he wrote Superman/Batman: Supergirl. Loeb said that the late Michael Turner played a big part in making the story what it is, and that his artistic contribution made DC Comics more supportive in reintroducing Supergirl as the hero they grew up with.

When I asked him why Wonder Woman did not just ask Superman to take Kara to Paradise Island instead of forcibly taking her in the park, Loeb explained that in his view Wonder Woman is like Thor. As a near god like hero, Wonder Woman does not feel she has to ask anyone for something she feels that has to be done.

After I asked Loeb if there was any interesting behind the scenes stories about writing Supergirl, he said that before drawing the story, Michael Turner had zero knowledge about the DC Universe. After reading "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and other research, Turner actually surprised Loeb by telling him that Harbinger was still alive, was living on Paradise Island, and was the same age as Kara.

Loeb loved the recent Superman/Batman: Apocalypse movie and noticed how they changed Harbinger's part in the story by having her share her premonition before Wonder Woman took Kara to Paradise Island.

How interesting that having Michael Turner on board is what may have nudged DC into re-introducing this Supergirl to comics.

I don't know if I completely buy his Wonder Woman explanation. Diana is also a friend of Superman. I still think she could have talked to him. And I am glad that Loeb like the recent movie adaptation of the story.

I then went to the Aspen Comics booth where I talked to Peter Steigerwald about coloring Supergirl. He was very happy to help bring back the Supergirl he remembered as a kid, and enjoyed coloring the environments of Gotham City and Metropolis. He said that Superman does not belong in Gotham the same way that Batman does not belong in Metropolis. There is no blue in Gotham, and that Superman was the only thing that was blue when he was in that city. Batman always stood in the shadows when he was in Metropolis. Paradise Island was always covered in rainbows. He dirtied everyone's color when they were on Apokolips because they were diminished in Darkseid's dark aura.

Steigerwald says that coloring the Supergirl story was the highlight of his career and that he can't pick a single favorite part of it because he has so many favorite scenes from the story. Although he has not had a chance to see the recent animated adaptation, he is pleased to see Michael Turner's style come to life from the movie trailers that he has seen. Michael Turner was completely responsible for the style and color of Supergirl's new costume, he always consulted DC Comics about it, and that he had a good time making his version of the new Supergirl. 

As an added bonus, Teen Titans writer J.T. Krullwas sitting next to Peter Steigerwald. When asked if Supergirl will appear in Teen Titans soon, Krull replied that there are no immediate plans, but nothing is impossible. Supergirl is one of his favorite characters, and he really enjoyed Sterling Gates' recent run. He has only seen the first episode of "Young Justice" and that he thinks it will be a great show.

Nice insight in the coloring process, something I think I know too little about to always comment on.

And how great that Krul loves Supergirl and Gates' take on her. I would love to see Supergirl interact with the Titans now and then.

Thanks again Gene for sharing!


Diabolu Frank said...

...and we have confirmation beyond his obvious faults as a writer why Jeph Loeb should never write Wonder Woman. Come to think of it though, he'd have been perfect to continue after JMS, to really bury that reboot.

Saranga said...

That's really interesting stuff, thanks for sharing!