Wednesday, January 19, 2011

News From Blog Friends Part 2

Continuing today's theme of news shared from the Supergirl community, I thought I would share information from Valerie21601, a Supergirl fan who appreciates the Kara/Querl relationship immensely. Here is her news about the Querl and Kara fan club site she co-runs over on Deviant Art.

Take it away Val!

It's the Querl and Kara fan clud dedicated to the Brainiac 5 and Supergirl pairing!
In just a little over 3 months, the club has grown to 366 members/watchers!

So far we have quite an assortment of pictures and fan drawings, some fan fiction on it. We even have an folder for XTC.

We're starting up an snail mail and email campaign to DC Comics to have Kara and Querl have more adventures together (like them going out on that "date" Kara asked Brainy to take her out on) and encourage DC to formally make XTC their daughter too.

Also through the Q & K club, the B5/SG shippers can easily find and exchange email other Q & K shippers who love the pairing too.

You don't have to be an active member on it. You (or anybody) can simply join it as a Watcher (in other words an lurker) and make comments or post pictures (commissioned ones are allowed, just acknowledge the artist on it) when you feel like it.

SaintAsh and I are hoping to grow, unite and strengthen the group where we can help get and keep Kara and Querl together through fan power (and dollars). Even if DC Comics decides to "KILL" her off but allow her to find a way to stay in the 31st century for a "second life" with Brainiac 5 and the Legion of Super Heroes.

One loop hole I can think of, of getting Kara to survive her "death" is that the older Brainiac 5 finds a way to save her but has to hide it from his younger self to keep the time line intact. In front of everyone she "dies" but later she is resurrected/saved by him.

I noticed no one in the 31st century, the Legion nor B5 knows what happened to her body nor where it's final resting place is, at least so far.

I hope you'll take a peek and take a good look at the Q & K club

As always, I appreciate any support for the Supergirl character. This is a great site, definitely worth looking at and exploring.

Thanks for the news Val! Cheers to you and SaintAsh.


valerie21601 said...

Thanks, Anj!

The Q&K fan club has grown to 423 Members since I sent you that less than a week ago.

The Q&K club is planning on having themes for our campaigns whenever possible Valentine cards until Valentine's Day and then we're going to switch over to St. Patrick's Day cards after it.

Any blog owners who wants to link up with our group your more than welcome to link up to it. Your more than welcome to email me too, if your interested in coordinating letter/card mail campaigns for them too.

Please join in our letter/card campaign to get Kara and Querl back together again, hopefully for good.

valerie21601 said...

Q & K is now 469 members/watchers!