Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mike McKone Commission

I have always enjoyed the smooth lines of Mike McKone since I first saw them way back in Detective Comics #622-624. He definitely is one of those artists who have reached that level that I will at least consider buying a book simply for the art.

And when his work is in conjunction with some of my favorite writers (like Howard Chaykin in JLA:Secret Society of Super-Heroes or Geoff Johns on Teen Titans) than I am really pumped.

Despite being at a couple of prior conventions that I have attended, I have never obtained a commission from him. That is, until now.

Last weekend was the North East Comic-Con ( ) and McKone was one of the guest artists. Unlike the big Boston Comic-Con, this one really had a 'small show' feel to it with only a couple of 'name' guests, although there was a fair amount of local talent. There were also fewer vendors. There didn't seem to be too much foot traffic either and I wonder if the $12 entry fee kept people away. That seemed pricey for a show of this caliber.

Anyways, McKone being there lured me to go. I also was hoping to meet Billy Tucci who unfortunately had to cancel. Inexplicably, McKone was put in a back room at the end of a corridor. If there wasn't much foot traffic in the con, the 'star room' felt even slower. With almost no one on his commission list, I felt like I had to take advantage and so grabbed a head sketch.

I have debated the worth of head sketches in my collection. I would much rather have full body or at least half-body commissions. Unfortunately, McKone had a two tiered commission approach ... head shot or full body. And full body was way too expensive.

Still, having missed getting a McKone piece before and not knowing when I would see him again, I figured I had to do it. I am glad I did. There is a really fresh feeling to this piece. I love the short hair and cape overlying the shoulders. Well worth the money spent.


Anonymous said...

"Primate Promtions" used to run what is now the "North East Comic-Con" - they sold it to them about a year ago.

When "Primate Promtions" ran the con (with $6 admission) there were usually 600 people and 3 times the dealers.

"Harrision's Comics" who now run, or should I say "ruin" the show mishandled iy from day one - they had issues with the mailing list (never resolved), the did less promtion than "Primate" did - they do little promtion beyond their store. ("Primate" had flyers in every comic shop within a 50 miles of Boston - even if they didn't attend.), and even with the connection to "Wizard" they have, there's no ads in their or even in CBG!

They've lost dealers, people who used to attend the shows before they ran them DON'T EVEN KNOW there are still shows there, and most of all - they have rased admission TWICE since they took it over,or maybe 3 times now.

I've been attending comic cons at the Radision going back to the 1980's when it was the 57 Park Plaza - It breaks my heart that they have ruined a once great show.

A retailer shouldn't run a show unless he understands YOU DON'T RUN IT LIKE A SHOP.

I could run a better show - and if rummors they are leaving Boston for the subburbs are true, I just might!

Dave Mullen said...

That's a really nice shot though, headshots only tend to work if there's a recognisable feature about them and thankfully McKone added the S-symbol to identify the character. I prefer either a half-shot or full figure but that's a Good pice to get. Well done.