Friday, July 16, 2010

Laura Vandervoort Reprising Kara Role On Smallville

I think we were all really hoping it would happen ... and it has been announced!

Laura Vandervoort will be back on Smallville next season!! Incredible!

Here is a link to the Entertainment Weekly post that confirms it:

From that article:
Vandervoort—who left the show at the end of season 7 only to return briefly the following fall to wrap up Supergirl’s story—will be back for one episode (tentatively scheduled to air in October)

It was back in Season 8 that Vandervoort was last seen on Smallville, in the episode Bloodlines. (Here was my review of that episode from way back in November 2008.) At the end of that episode, Kara flew off into space, intent on finding the city of Kandor. Hopefully this one episode will pick up where that one left off! And please ... it's the last season ... let's see her in the costume!

So we have an animated movie with Supergirl in September. And Supergirl on the small screen in October. Too fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes up yet...This IS Smallville after all, not exactly friendly territory for the Kara fanbase.
I think she is being jobbed out to Darkseid or "Glorious Godfrey" or some damn thing...and that is the best case scenario, the worst case is that they kill her off which would be a nice ratings boost indeed.
At any rate don't look for Karatharsis from Smallville they don't know the meaning of the "word".

John Feer

Nikki said...

I hope we can get our hopes up, the writers announced on facebook the episode was called Supergirl. (which set Clark fangirls raging which is always fun. That sounds cruel but these are the type of girls who think that because they've seen the movies they know how 'it should be' and are willing to disregard everything else if it gives then Clark/Lois)

I have hopes for Legion returning too, preferably in this episode. I hope they don't do the fury thing. We know the new gods are the villains this year and I could see them unveiling granny that way (she's already cameoed). If it is her last episode don't have her mind washed for 3/4 of it especially considering we have a movie of the same thing coming out the month before.

Gene said...

This is great news! I guess the show's producers got the message from fans that they wanted Kara back. Having her wear her Supergirl outfit would be awesome beyond words.

Geoff Johns wrote a few episodes, so it would be cool if Sterling Gates wrote this one. Looking forward to "Supergirl Returns!"

Jason said...

OMG!! I'm so happy to hear this!! :-) No, I don't always have the faith in the Smallville writers in treating Kara, but leaving her just off in space was such a horrible ending to her story. Even if it's just one episode, I would like to have a DECENT closure to Kara's storyline. Is the episode really going to be titled "Supergirl"? That's pretty cool. And I can think of a VERY good storyline for Kara: How about we resolve the age discrepancy with her appearing before Clark becomes Superman??!! The writers did it with Jimmy: We found out he wasn't really "our" Jimmy. Surely a good plot for a storyline would be resolving how Kara is a teenager now AND when Clark meets her later as Superman. I say a good time-travel story (even involving the Legion since she was a member in the comics) to resolve this paradox would make for a good episode or two.

Jason said...

I also meant to say I don't know why the producers didn't bring her back sooner ESPECIALLY since her episode was the HIGHEST-RATED for Season 8!! Surely that warrants a return to a show that has significantly slumped in the ratings.

Anj said...

I think Smallville was caught between a rock and a hard place. They couldn't have Kara be a more heroic character than the glum Clark but they wanted her to be more proactive than him, to try to spur him into action.

When she wasn't mind-controlled or amnestic, the show actually treated Kara pretty fairly.

I have high hopes for this episode. Maybe too high?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think if they bring in Gates, he could flesh out the character a bit more (a reason why she's back...etc...) and make it so most of the female characters on the show aren't there as jailbait for male viewers.