Monday, July 12, 2010

Apocalypse Thoughts - What Should Be In The Movie

Well, after mulling over the original Supergirl origin story from Superman/Batman, and musing about what shouldn't be in the upcoming Apocalypse movie, I thought I would post what I hope will be in the movie.

Some of these have already been confirmed when the trailer for this movie was leaked late last week. Unfortunately, the trailer has been pulled from many places on the internet. I wonder exactly how that happened. Could it have been a miscommunication? A calculated 'mistake' to drum up publicity? A realization that maybe it should have been 'released' at SDCC? For whatever reason, I hope people got a chance to peek at it before it was yanked.

EDIT: So far this site still has it up. Click here.

Here are the things I hope are in the movie, again in the order in which they appeared in the story, not by importance.

1) Superman's joy - This story was way before New Krypton. It was before Last Son. So one of the things that I liked about this was Superman's utter happiness in realizing that he isn't alone in the universe, that he isn't the Last Kryptonian.

I'll add to that Superman's immediate love of his cousin. The characterization of Superman really felt right on for this arc, even his occasional foray into being over-protective. After all, who would want your long lost family member to be hurt in any way, even if it is while just sparring with Artemis.

2) Army of Doomsdays - When Darkseid invades Paradise Island in his attempts to kidnap Supergirl, he sends an army of Doomsdays to soften up the troops. It made sense from a continuity point of view as Luthor had given Doomsday to the Lord of Apokolips. These weren't your standard Doomsday; they were eliminated somewhat easily. Still, an squad of Doomsdays was a sight to behold.

This one was confirmed in the trailer.

3) Big Barda - Turner drew her more like 'Tall thin Barda' rather than 'Big Barda'. But I really love Barda and Mister Miracle as characters. Both are victims of Apokoliptian training and torture who let love save them. In this story, Superman and Batman needed warriors to help bring the fight to Darkseid. Who better than Barda.

4) Batman defeating Darkseid - Sure Superman is the one who in the end pounds Darkseid. But it was Batman who orchestrated Supergirl's release as well as the 'non-aggression against Kara' pact. I don't always need to see Batman standing up against the most powerful characters in the DCU. In this story it worked because he out-thought Darkseid, commandeering Darkseid's own weapons and holding them as an ultimate threat. I love how Darkseid respects the threat since it came from a human.

5) The Welcome Party - Perhaps my favorite moment of the story was the welcoming party when Superman introduces Supergirl to the heroes of the DCU. From the beginning comments by Superman when he states that it seems that the heroes only unite for funerals to Supergirl hoping to become a hero worthy of the costume, I thought this scene was great. Hopefully this scene remains relatively intact. I think it would be great for all these characters to be in the background, a way for DC to expose new viewers to the pantheon of super-heroes.

Let's hope the high points of this story stay intact! I can't wait for this movie to come out.


Mauricio said...

Trailer is here:

Anj said...

Thanks so much!!

I thought I had checked all the sites people sent me but I must have missed this one. Will add to the post now.

Anonymous said...

Kara-tharsis is all I ask for. But I don't think I'm gonna get it with this one.

John Feer

Gene said...

Excellent post Anj!
I hope we get to hear Kara and Clark speak Kryptonian as they discover that they are cousins. Unless I'm mistaken, it would be the first time that we would hear that language being spoken.

If you listen to the first piece of dialogue spoken in the "leaked" trailer, it sounds like Superman is speaking to a large group of people. That tells me that we might have the Welcome Party at the end of the movie.

TalOs said...

Everything you listed above there is what I too am hoping to see being included (along with Supergirl being trained by Wonder Woman, Artemis and the Amazons), Anj! B-D

Oh, and surprisingly You Tube is yet another site that still has the official teaser trailer up, y'all! ;-)

Mauricio said...

I was able to download the file before it was taken down the first time.

I still think we won't see Kara as Supergirl until the end as in the comic story.

Anonymous said...

Nice list, I hope Barda looks more muscular in the movie.
Hey Anj are you going to review the Superman/Batman arc before the movie comes out? It would be cool to see your opinion on Supergirl's introduction.

TalOs said...

I second BugabooMonkey's suggestion for Anj to review the Loeb/Turner SUPERMAN/BATMAN: THE SUPERGIRL FROM KRYPTON arc! B-D

Also, I think just like how DC did in the comic arc itself WB should rightfully dedicate this animated movie in loving memory of Christopher Reeve before it begins playing.

Darkstream said...

I would think that at this point, if anyone deserves an "In Loving Memory" dedication, it should be Michael Turner, the original artist on the arc.