Thursday, August 2, 2018

Tweeterhead Maquette Statue

Every so often I make a purchase that even I have to question.

A while back Tweeterhead announced the Supergirl Limited Edition Maquette statue, a glorious piece of a smiling Kara, sporting her 1970's hot pants costume and sporting a wide smile. It simply spoke to me from my earliest Supergirl memories, a happy, optimistic young woman. The hard tug of nostalgia strings is a difficult thing to resist and so I pre-ordered. Over the months, a slowly paid down the tab at my comic store, taking advantage of store reward cards and gift certificates to ease the pain.

Finally last week it arrived.

And it is glorious. And huge. And beautiful. And wonderful. And gigantic.

In fact, it is so big that it simply doesn't fit in the home collection. So instead it graces my work office.

And it all starts with the gorgeous box it comes in.

The statue comes in two pieces with Supergirl slipping into the cloud base.

There is something just joyous about this whole thing. The wide smile. The happy and heroic action pose as Kara flies into the sky. The holter top, puffy sleeves, hot pants with multi-buckled belt.

The whole thing just works. Beautiful. It just screams of the young hero, growing into her role, getting a little confident as she begins defining her own life, and reveling in it.

And what could be a better backdrop for our winning hero than displaying her in front of the championship headlines of two of the Patriots Super Bowl wins.

Here is a sort of reverse angle which show from a certain vantage point you get a sort of cheeky peek.

But I love the flowing cape and the extreme detail of the hair as it cascades and whips in the wind.

And the view from behind.

What could be better than displaying her in front of two of the Patriots Super Bowl headlines? Ultimately displaying her in front of two *other* Patriot Super Bowl headlines.

The work display is a bit more eclectic as I try to maintain a little bit of me in the more serious surrounds. So Qwisp, Brainiac, Piccolo, the Fleisher Superman, and other are keeping Supergirl company. But the Supergirl statue just dwarfs everything.

I wish it could be in my Supergirl main collection. But this is just fine, bringing me a smile while I work through administrative stuff.


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful.

And BIG.

It reminds me of a Jose Luis García López SG drawing for some reason. Maybe it's the face or the body build.

Anyway, it's fantastic and it makes me want DC to bring this version of the character back.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I miss "Superman Family" running shorts-Supergirl she had a lot going regardless of her lackluster pencilers. I'd love to see Amanda Conner get a crack at the Bronze Age Kara...


Anonymous said...

Just how tall is that? 15" or more? It's really well done.

I've said it before - the McDonald's DCSHG is terrifying :). Try to put a rubber band around her wild hair. (I put mine away altogether.)

I just went the other way and got another Heroclix - this time, finally found a Red Lantern Supergirl in unplayed condition and for half the usual price of a played piece. (Still, by no means cheap.) Had almost given up any hope of finding one of these rare pieces. If I stacked 10 of them on top of each other they still wouldn't be as tall as this statue!

P.S. something is going wrong with reCAPTCHA. Spinning around, slow, strange behavior. Hope this will be post.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Ah, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself every once in a while. Besides, how often does this costume turn up in three dimensional merchandise? There was that Justice action figure, and a Mego doll, and that's it! Anyone hoping to see more merchandise featuring this costume...well, I've got a feeling they're in for a LONG wait!

To the first anonymous, there's a good reason this statue reminds you of a Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Supergirl drawing. He designed it! If you search online, you can find pictures of the art the figure is based on.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments! I’ll need to find that JLGL art?

Anj said...

There’s a red lantern Kara Heroclix!

Me want!