Thursday, August 9, 2018

Terrificon Prep Post

We are, in essence,one week away from Terrificon so I figured it was time to post my preparation discussion.

This is only my second year heading to Terrificon but it has become my 'big con' for each season pretty quickly. This is a true comic book convention bringing in a huge guest list of both current creators as well as legends. And while there are celebrities, the main emphasis is on comic creators. Please visit the con site to see the complete list of guests because it is too long to list here. It is massive.

There are so many creators at this con that I want to meet and get signatures from that I'll probably have to bring a wheel barrow to cart the books. Alternatively, and more likely, I'll have to run back and forth to the car a bunch.

This year in particular, there are creators who I have always wanted to meet who will be there. And there is a sneaky amount of Supergirl stuff present. And, as always, I'll try my best to get some news and history to bring back.

I'll be at the con all three days so look for me.

On to the specifics.

First off commission hopes.

I have been a fan of Kevin Nowlan's art since I first saw it. I have always hoped he'd be at a convention I would be attending so I could get a sketch. And here he is!

Nowlan drew a sort of Supergirl in the Superman vs. Aliens mini-series. But his art is scattered throughout my collection. His is definitely the first table I will be running to in hopes of securing a spot.

I also really like Ron Frenz's art. I recently covered his Strange Visitor arc in the Superman books back in the day. I am hoping he'll be sketching because I think he'd be another great addition to the collection.

And Alan Davis is going to be there!

I am a huge fan of Davis' art and will have tons of books for him to sign. I don't know if he'll be sketching. I don't know how much he will be. I am going to have scout things out to see if he is a target for a sketch or not.

Regardless, I'll have some Batman and some Excalibur and The Nail in tow.

That will probably wipe out any commission funds I have but should things fall through or if I have money left, Rags Morales is also there. I loved Morales' work on the Morrison Action Comics run so he is also a possibility. I would love to talk to him about that run.

As for Supergirl stuff, the list is pretty amazing. Paul Kupperberg and Keith Giffen will be there again and I always like chatting them up about Kara and the Legion. Peter Tomasi is going to be there as well. I am hoping to talk to him about Superman Rebirth, Super Sons, and his take on the super-family.

But the two names that really jumped out at me were Roger Stern and Charles Soule.

Stern wrote Superman in the Reign of the Supermen days and guided Matrix Supergirl from patsy to independent hero. He wrote her solo mini-series where she finally left Lex. I would love to get to talk to him for a bit to pick his brain about his Supergirl thoughts.

Soule was the brains behind the Red Daughter storyline where Kara became a Red Lantern. At first, I loathed the idea actually thinking that might be the breaking point for me. But then the actual story became one of redemption and forgiving yourself. I thought it was very good. And so I want to both talk to Soule about it and apologize for pre-judging it.

There are so many creators I could go on about -Mike Barr, Frank Cho, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Roy Thomas, etc. I am going to be busy!

But I can't wait!

Hope to see some of you guys there!

Giffen, Kupperberg, JLGL, Michelinie, Cho, Morales, O'Neil, Barr, etc etc