Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Supergirl Show: Masked Supergirl Theories

One of the biggest mysteries from the Supergirl Season 4 trailer was the appearance of an armored woman in S-shield armor.

Is it Supergirl?
Why is she wearing armor?
Is this protecting her from something?
If it isn't Supergirl, who is this woman?
Is she a hero? Or a villain?
Is someone co-opting the S-shield for their own purposes? Is this Angel Parker-Jones' character Colonel Haley working for Agent Liberty?

There is nothing quite like a mystery to stoke the fires of anticipation!

Now on line we have seen the outfit in the day. It's brighter than I thought!

So who is this? Or why is Supergirl wearing this?

Here are my early thoughts!

The first answer is the easiest one.

It is Supergirl. She is wearing it for some reason. But it is being worn because Melissa Benoist is still on Broadway. While Melissa is Carole King, someone else is in the suit.

So if it is Supergirl, why the armor?

As a fan of the Legion and knowing that Brainiac 5 is on the show, I would love this to somehow tie into Wildfire. Maybe Supergirl is super-charged from Lena's Harun-El, crackling with energy, and needs to be in a containment suit.

There is no denying the suits look similar. So that would be my best and most favorite guess.

It also reminded me of the suits Superman occasionally wore on Superman:The Animated Series.

In particular, the one on the left, reminds me of the show's suit. This was a lead-based suit which allowed Superman to battle Metallo. Perhaps, there is an influx of Kryptonite on the streets, or again exposure to Harun-El could harm Supergirl so she has to put on a suit to protect her from the environment.

But what if it isn't Supergirl? Who could it be?

The obvious answer is that it is Lena inside the suit.

It certainly looks like the Luthor armor we have seen Lex wearing in the last few years in the Superman books. Heck, he even sported the S-Shield himself.

I can see Lena, sick of Supergirl, trying to take Kara's place as the hero of National City. That is a very Lex move and would nudge Lena more to the evil side of things.

If we are going to get wacky thought, why not make it another her stepping in as Supergirl while the real Kara is away? Maybe Alura?

The armor reminded me very much of the 'masked Superman' in Forever Evil (here is a link:

Now doubt the show's armor looks like this. Now the 'masked Superman' was actually Captain Marvel. Can you imagine if this was how the CW introduced Mary Marvel?? I doubt it is Mary. But Alura? Or Thara? Maybe Kara is on Argo and she asks for someone to step in for her so villains don't descend on National City?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Well as I mentioned earlier, "Dark Supergirl" is being played by MB (or so I assume), I suspect this is some easy way reduce the actress' workload, since MB can now interact with "herself" by inserting a stuntwoman into the armor. It also gives the episode's particular director some blocking options as well...

But I like the Lena in the armor theory too, and it would a very insolent "Luthor-ian" move to appropriate the S Icon...


Anonymous said...

I have to go with the obvious- it's Supergirl but she is probably depowered. Otherwise having the mask would not allow her to use two of her main powers- heat vision and freeze breathe. Kara_querl over on Twitter had a really interesting theory- that just like with Reign and Sam, maybe this Kara and dark Kara's powers gets switched.

Anonymous said...

JF's comment is what I assumed - how else can Supergirl confront Dark Supergirl, cost-effectively? (It's also cheaper to film any masked character than Melissa, because they don't have to swap between Melissa and a stunt double.) But that may be too obvious/simple an answer.

And I do like the idea that it's a Luthor-suited Lena. It looks incredibly like the version of the Lex armor you've posted.

I'm also a Thara/Flamebird fan.

Anonymous said...

Doylist: What Anj or JF said: Melissa is still on Broadway or Dark Supergirl is being played by Melissa.

Watsonian: My guess is Supergirl has been depowered or needs a containment suit. Or maybe it's the alternate Supergirl.

Anj said...

Thanks for early comments!

I am kind of hoping it is Lena.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new to add to the list of theories / possibilities. We can only wait to see.

Slightly OT but caught the Teen Titans Go movie -- a) there was a preview for Lauren Faust's DCSHG. Looks like
they just did an extended version of one of the SBFF episodes, and Supergirl keeps her SBFF personality. I'm
still undecided on this. b) Supergirl got a speaking line in TTG!


JT SG FAN said...

My thought is with a lot of news of more government stuff with Supergirl, like a new military character being cast; my vote is this is Superwoman. Here's my reasoning, if there is a bit of a theme of humanity blacklash against events with Agent Liberty and the possibility of another Supergirl; I could see the government going forward and creating a Superwoman like in the comics. In fact, it could be a way to tie back to the Omegahedron going MIA all the way back in S1. Maybe they used that to give this Superwoman powers.

I for one am hoping that they don't have a 'Evil SG' with the Russian Supergirl. One, that strikes me as being too much like Reign. And we saw evil Kara in Overgirl for the crossover. I think while Russian Supergirl may start out as a antagonist, I think she does a heel turn and this is how we get Power Girl. Having a 'Superwoman' who does become a foe, gives Kara and 'Karen' a chance to fight together against a common foe.

A lot of the reasons mentioned here do make sense. It could be used by Russian Kara, and a nice way to save money so they don't need to do composite shots with Melissa v Melissa. But I hope they defy expectations and go with something else.

Martin Gray said...

Great research and very clever idea re: Beautiful Benoist. I would love it to be Lena, but not one going to the bad. More likely it’s Alex because she just doesn’t get enough plotlines...

Mary said...

I've seen a theory that it's because Kara's powers could be fluctuating due to her sharing them with her double in Russia, like how Sam grew weaker after Reign was separated from her.

Also I've heard that so far she's only wearing it in one episode.

Mary said...

@Martin Gray

It's not Alex. Pictures from the set last week show Alex in her new suit from last season, while Melissa's stunt double, Jennifer Clarke was wearing the Supergirl armor.

Martin Gray said...

Thanks Mary. I admit I was being a sarcy soul!

Anj said...

Great comments all.
The decreased split powers is pretty interesting theory!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm maybe, this arc will be more akin to the "Quarmer Saga" in Superman comics circa 1971...Kal EL's powers were being drained off by the weird "Sand Superman" from another dimension. This could be a similar thing, "two super girls sharing one set of powers". How the armor addresses that situation remains to be seen...


Nobile said...

I pretty much agree with JT SG FAN, it is A Superwoman, which could be replacing a MIA Supergirl for some time (which fits with the first obvious theory). Her identity would remain a mistery, revealing in the end to be a known character, a new one, or Kara herself.
I personally hope her to be a character somehow linked to all the Superwomen of DC history, including Kristin Wells, who could be a descendant or relative of Harrison Wells.