Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sales Review: July 2018

The sales numbers for July 2018 have been posted over on ICv2 and surprisingly comics were up this month as opposed to July of last year. Here is the link:

I have stopped trying to figure these things out. Is it that a lot of 'big' issues were coming out this month? Is it that it is the summer and maybe new readers are heading into comic shops to fill up their free time?

I know this isn't sales but orders. But I keep hoping there are new readers out there. On to the sales.

July had Man of Steel #6, the finale of the mini-series which spear-headed the new Brian Michael Bendis new direction of the super-books. The issue sends Rogol Zaar to the Phantom Zone. We see Lois and Jon leave with insane Jor-El.

It seemed to limp to an end rather than sprint through the tape. So how did it sell?

The book sold over 61K which I think is extremely solid in this age.

But I wonder if DC was hoping this would be a 100K selling book.

61K for the highly touted writer in the new mini-series setting the table for Superman seems tepid. I mean JLDark sold about the same.

Action Comics #1001 was the first monthly issue for Bendis.

I think I am going to enjoy Action Comics and the more Metropolis level storylines than the more galactic scoped Superman. The art is by Patrick Gleason who just announced he is off the book. It is coming off the anniversary issue of Action Comics #1000.

It sold 79K which is impressive.

It is funny that it sold more than Man of Steel. It will be interesting to follow these sales to see if 60K is the sort of settling moment.

I am hopeful this book with the Planet staff and the arson plot and the mob thrives.

And this month also had Superman #1 hit the shelves.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by the dream team of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, the book has the Earth slip into the Phantom Zone and Superman having to deal with it.

It is a number one issue which brings the speculators. It is a good jumping on point.

Not surprisingly, the number one sold greater than 133K.

That is twice Man of Steel. Will it all shake out? Will people stick around? Is Superman nearly twice as readable as Action Comics? Is Reis/Prado that big a draw?

Can't wrap my head around sales any more. Hope Superman books continue to sell well.

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Anonymous said...

Good sales, indeed.

Maybe the mini sold less than expected but it succeeded in drawing interest, which is good.

I think Superman #1 sold so much because, well, it's a first issue. Sales will go down, and it'll be interesting to see how long or short will be the drop.

Now let's hope SG #21 made good numbers...