Saturday, April 11, 2015

Supergirl Show: Another Look At The Suit!

After an absolute flurry of news about the upcoming Supergirl show, we have fallen into an anticipated gap in information. The hirings have happened. The pilot is done. Now we are in the waiting period.

Just as I was clamoring for more, hoping for something, SupergirlTV posted an amazing photo seen here:

We finally get a candid look at Melissa Benoist in the Supergirl suit!

Unlike the first released photos, this is in much more natural light. The first thing that struck me was just how red the skirt and (it seems) the cape is. That is much brighter than the more maroon looking skirt we saw before.  I also like the belt which looks more metallic. And I like how the sleeves seem to hook around the fingers.

Add to that the big smile on Benoist's face.

This is perfect!

Thanks to SupergirlTV for sharing!!!


Anonymous said...

LIKE IT! And I agree with the other posters over at, I'm betting this will look much better in brighter / natural light. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release can't come soon enough!


Anonymous said...

The colors look better, less muted in natural light. The initial photo seemed to indicate she was wearing spandex tights, this looks like its more akin to sheer me thats a jarring note color wise, I'd have her go barelegged a'la Helen Slater.
And I guess they aren't doing anything to make her "more of a blonde", but then the classic Kara configuration has her going from brunette to blonde in an instant and thats probably difficult to pull off convincingly on a TV budget/schedule.
These are minor quibbles "The Enemy of the Perfect is the Good" etc.


Gene said...

It would have been funny if they pictured her next to the water cooler talking with the rest of the cast about last night's episode of the Good Wife.