Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Matrix Called Kara?

I pride myself on being a big Supergirl fan and having a good handle on her history.

So when something as obvious as the above panel slips by me, I am a little miffed at myself.

This panel is lifted from the recent Convergence:Supergirl Matrix mini-series. And that is Supergirl being called Kara by Lex.

That is a pretty big continuity gaffe. Matrix was called Matrix, Supergirl, even Mae. But she was never ever ever Kara. The whole point of her was that she wasn't a Kryptonian named Kara.

How did this sneak by the editors?

How did this sneak by me?

Tip of the hat to blog friend Rick Perry for pointing it out. If these thing get collected for a trade, I hope this gets fixed.


AndNowInStereo said...

I think it slipped by the editors for the same reason Giffen made the mistake in the first place - no one involved in the production of this comic actually cares about Matrix at all. If that were important they would have given it to a Supergirl fan to write it.

Incidentally Stormwatch #30 came out a year ago this month. To my knowledge Sterling Gates has not written a single DC comic since....

rollo said...

Well how worried were they about angering the millions upon millions of matrix supergirl fans?

Craig said...

For a "No-Prize" type response, I submit that in the time they were under the dome, Mae had decided to go by "Kara" instead.

As for editorial, DC isn't very good at it, and with Convergence they mention that the Reverse Gender earth first appeared in Elseworlds' Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl, when that clearly wasn't the case, as Wonder Woman was not Wonder Man, and so on. It appeared in the Superman/ Batman ongoing. They also mentioned Captain Carrot's earth first appearing in his first issue, but didn't it appear in New Teen Titans when the Zoo Crew made theirs?

Furthermore, if it wasn't a mistake, I'd say that DC decided to call her Kara because fans today know Supergirl as Kara: the fanboys of today don't bother doing research, as "Kara Danvers" has many saying that Supergirl is ripping off Carol Danvers - not realizing that Linda Lee Danvers existed years before Carol did. I find many of today's readers thinking that if it didn't come out "today" it's not worth looking up or reading more about it.

However, if Keith Giffen has disdain for Mae Kent/ Linda Mae Danvers, then maybe he knowingly called her "Kara" because he, like many, dislike the time of No-Kara and wanted to take a jab at it by including the first name he prefers for a Supergirl.

Of course, DC seems to be much like fans of today, they feel their NEW 52 universe is the best and this series is just a way to give veteran fans one last good-bye/ patronize them.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally Stormwatch #30 came out a year ago this month. To my knowledge Sterling Gates has not written a single DC comic since….

I sure haven't! (Mostly because no one has asked!)

Nobile said...

I just perused the preview to Convergence: Adventures of Superman with pre-crisis (or, as they say, just Crisis oIE) Kara, and

- AoS was a post-crisis series, for starters
- Lucius Fox is an engineer as he was on Nolan's movies instead of an accountant as in pre-crisis comics
- They use Krypton crystals as in Donner's movies

So, I don't think that being consistent to old continuities (especially VERY old ones) really matters in this Convergence thing, is more of a hommage to DC history.

Anonymous said...

Seems like an error driven by haste and inattention..it also buttresses my age olde thesis that today's comic book writer is genetically incapable of writing a character they themselves dislike or regard with indifference. The whole book (though funny in spots) has a air of "all the things they chose to write and they went with snark, cuz snark is easy".


Unknown said...

No prob, anytime ;)