Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Supergirl Mini-Series Advertisement

With the Convergence Matrix Supergirl mini-series just a day away, I thought I would briefly visit the other Matrix Supergirl mini-series. Amazingly, despite the years I have devoted to this blog, I have never covered this story arc.

Here is the house ad for the 1994 mini-series. It definitely captures the feel of the story. In it, Matrix finally realizes that Lex Luthor has been using her. This is the story where she finally becomes free, acting as an individual and not the dupe of someone else.

It is a striking image by June Brigman and Butch Guice. While it might appear that she is protecting Luthor there is an anger to her face. After reading the story it could easily be interpreted that she is taking the lab apart herself and holding Luthor at bay.

I will definitely need to cover this mini-series ... maybe soon.

But I don't know about the tagline. 'She's mad as hell and she's not going to take it anymore!'

Would the kids of 1994 get this reference?

I mean, would a quote from Network resonate with the comic audience then?

I guess the answer is yes to some portion. I was in my early 20s when the book came out and knew what that line was from


Anonymous said...

The Death of Superman was my introduction to Matrix Supergirl, which was followed by the Matrix miniseries, where Matrix, lured in by Lex's resemblence to her own creator, became a pawn to his scheme until she figured out what was occurring and struck back (almost killing Lex in the process).

Jay said...

Speaking of Matrix and Lex, has anyone seen the preview for the Supergirl Convergence issue? REALLY weird. Lex II is a TOTAL jerk to Matrix. Like he can't stand her yet they tolerate each other for some reason.

Justin said...

You actually care for Matrix in this mini - series. Finally she is free from Luthor and sees him as the monster he is. This series also showcased how powerful and interesting the Matrix character could be.

Anonymous said...

Supergirl convergence: Yes he was such a jerk, I dont understand why she puts up with him. But then again some women in real life does the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Would be interesting to see your review of this miniseries there, Anj. Hope you get a chance to review it sometime.

Don't know if you also have the 1984 Supergirl movie on the same list as well somewhere :)

Just saying...


Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

I am a bit shocked I haven't covered this. We are approaching a 7yr anniversary here!

And yes, the movie review is owed too!

Anonymous said...

Never has Matrix Supergirl been less compelling, she seems barely literate....clearly hanging out with the verbally abusive Lex Luthor has degraded her already marginal character. It seems like they are playing this for laughs I mean Lex as a fussy morose neurotic? Meh.