Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sales Review: March 2015

Last month, DC closed the books on the 'New 52', shelving a number of titles and planning a soft reboot of the DCU.

It is with some dismay that I know look back to March and Supergirl #40, the last issue of the title. The sales numbers for March are now out and once again I'll ask you to turn to ICv2 for the best coverage. Here is the link:

Supergirl #40 was the ending of the Crucible story arc and the title as Supergirl was one of the books that DC decided to cancel as they enter the next phase of their universe.

This was the first arc for the creative team of K. Perkins, Mike Johnson, Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, and Hi-Fi. It gave us a great Kara - smart, caring, heroic, headstrong. She was a leader, and maybe in love, and inspirational.

It was as if finally ... FINALLY ... Supergirl was back. It was as if the work by Tony Bedard laid the foundation and Perkins and Johnson built something excellent on top of it. This whole thing read exactly like a Supergirl should. And it was just beautiful. The art team just crushed it.

And here's what's crazy.

It sold well!

The last issue sold 26528. That is a very healthy number for a comic these days. And the book seemed to be gaining momentum, gaining readers. I won't even point out the books selling much less than Supergirl that DC is letting continue post-Convergence.

So, of course, DC would pull the plug.

I can only wonder just what DC is thinking.

And I can only thank Perkins, Johnson, Lupachino, McCarthy, and Hi-Fi for giving me such a great Supergirl to read. I am sorry I won't be able to read more.


Unknown said...

and they choose to make her 'Convergence' issue with Matrix, the weakest interpretation of a Supergirl character. Very bad book btw..

Bartiemus said...

It was growing with the new creative team I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

It seems so traditional for Supergirl, big finish (Issue #40) for her, but editors have other plans for her, so any momentum is wasted while her story is "updated." Also Convergence's first view of her is a rather ridiculous version of Matrix. She is Lex Luthor's (Super) Girl Friday, carrying out schemes he will not explain and getting bawled out for the slightest mistake. Then Lady Quark and Lord Volt show up so they can claim to the the town's new muscle (but they are almost too busy arguing with each other over who hates who more).