Saturday, April 25, 2015

July 2015 Solicits

It took a while but DC finally released the solicits for July 2015 and there were a few surprises. Some of them were good. Some of them were bad. Some I am conflicted on.

The entirety of the solicits are listed on Newsarama here:

Now there is a lot to process in this post-Convergence, post-New 52 DCU. But for the purposes of this blog, the thing to realize is that in July of this month, a Supergirl appears in exactly one book. There is no solo title. She is no longer in Justice League United.

Add to that, Superman seems to be going in an odd direction.

On to the books.

Art and cover by HOWARD PORTER
1:25 Variant cover by GEOF DARROW

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s...Supergirl? Aww, for crying out loud, we were promised that someone would rein these guys in. Supergirl? Really? Trust’s actually pretty cool.

If you asked me if I would ever be commenting on Justice League 3001 on this site, I would have responded 'never'.

But now Supergirl ... a Supergirl ... is part of the book. It looks like Matrix. And I suppose if she is protoplasm, she might be immortal enough to be around a thousand years hence. But the short hair and the old school belt gives her an odd Silver Age feel, even if the skirt is wrong (for all but the totem Supergirl in Superman #123). But do I trust Giffen and DeMatteis to treat any Supergirl right. Will she be a joke to them? Is this an immediate low point after the high point of the last series ending.

I am about 20% excited, 80% worried.

Written by GREG PAK
Art and cover by AARON KUDER
The Superman epic you never expected – “TRUTH” continues! Who will stand by Clark Kent?

Did they use 'the epic you never expected' when describing 'Grounded'?
I am assuming that the 'Truth' is that Clark's secret gets exposed. And I am hoping that Pak and Kuder can continue to churn out books I love. But they were derailed by a multi-title story. And then how do you undo this story? Worldwide mindwipe?


Art and cover by JOHN ROMITA, JR. and KLAUS JANSON

The Superman epic you never expected – “TRUTH” continues! Has Lois Lane betrayed Superman with the truth?

I have been intrigued to see what Gene Luen Yang would bring to the Superman character. But I don't think that a multi-title storyline is the best way to initiate things. Why not give him a couple of issues, an arc, to get his feet wet, to let readers see what he is planning?

And having Lois Lane betray him? How much more harm can they bring to Lois?

Written by GREG PAK

The Superman epic you never expected – “TRUTH” continues! Can Superman accept the truth about his new partner? Featuring the all-new Batman!

And then this solicit.

Superman on a motorcycle? I can see the posters ... "You'll believe a man can ride!"

This whole look, this cover, the blood dripping off the knuckles ... it just doesn't seem like Superman. I don't want a street level Superman. I want an inspiring hero.

I suppose I have to wait and see how this whole thing turns out but this is pretty offputting.

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Art and cover by DOUG MAHNKE and JAIME MENDOZA

The Superman epic you never expected – “TRUTH” continues! Is there truth in madness? Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad guest-star!

Yep ... I want to stop collecting this book.

Will a Doug Mahnke Harley Quinn lure me back for one more issue.


It’s the Man of Steel versus the Martian Manhunter as Superman demands to know what J’onn J’onnz knew about the Martians’ terrible plans for Earth.

How can I not get this issue. Guest stars Superman. Helps promote a Martian Manhunter book.

But again, heroes fighting. I'm kind of over it.

So a Matrix Supergirl is cast in a book where she might be a laughing stock. Superman rides a motorcycle. No Supergirl solo title. No Supergirl in JLU.

What will July hold for us as Superman fans?


Martin Gray said...

I'm thinking that has to be a Silver Age Supergirl in JLA3000. Giffen and DeMatteis have been allowed to bring in JLI members from a time pre-Infinite Crisis so I can't see anything stopping them using a pre-Crisis Supergirl.

Many happy returns, returns?

I trust these guys.

As for a multi-part, multi-title Superman crossover, nope, not excited. The only thing I like is that Lois's supposed betrayal is couched in questioning language - there may be more to the story than early gossip sites claim.

Gene said...

Supergirl looks like she is reacting to how DC has treated her character in the last 30 years.


AndNowInStereo said...

I agree with Martin, I think it's pre-Crisis Kara. DeMatteis said to me that it's 'the REAL Supergirl' - I asked him to clarify and he didn't, but he did tell someone else on twitter that 'This is THE Supergirl from Krypton'. For me that doesn't narrow it down to pre-Crisis Kara, but I think the clues you picked up on like the belt, the shorter hair and the body language do suggest Supergirl '59 over Kara '05 or Kara '2011. The thing on the cover of that issue behind the Starro soldiers also looks like it might be a version of her original purple-hued rocket.

I'm not going to buy it unless the first issue of JL3K1 gets good reviews and I like the preview pages when I see them. Giffen's flippant attitude towards Matrix in his Convergence issues has not endeared me to him and I'm not even a Matrix fan! But I really do like Porter's depiction of Supergirl there. Aside from the cute body language and hair, I also really like how strong she looks on that cover, and the colourist (I assume it's HiFi) has gone right for the classic colour set and it looks awesome.

I don't mind them using pre-Crisis Kara in their little corner of the DC Universe as long as they treat her with respect. I do still wonder what the absence of the current continuity Kara from any of the solicits means. JL United writer Jeff Parker did confirm that she is off the book 'for *now*', which echoes the final caption of Supergirl #40 so I think I'm justified in my earlier view that she won't be gone for too long. If she takes part in 'The Truth' I'll watch with interest but I'm not going to buy any of the Superman books. The crossover frequency is now greater than one every 12 months on the Superman line and it's just silly to encourage that kind of behaviour from DC, especially when none of the stories have really justified the expense.

PRgirl1294 said...
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PRgirl1294 said...

Yeah, and I don't think that that's blood dripping off his knuckles. If you look closely, that's actually red cloth wrapped around them. I'm so hoping that this new look of his is temporary.

Jay said...

My biggest complaint about the new Superman direction was the look. I've since gotten over that, and now I'm excited. I'd still prefer to read about a de-powered Superman for a while but still in a costume, but I know where the inspiration is coming from (Morrison's first Action arc), so I understand it. And I'll freely admit. I friggin love the bike. If he's gonna be street level, then go all out. And its red and blue! This just seems fun to me. I can roll with this for a year, give or take.

The Lois thing is going to turn some people off enough to leave though, I think. Barring a massive twist which I'm not confident will come. I'm willing to ride it out as in all honesty my interest never has nor ever will hinge on Lois, but I know she means a whole lot to others.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

I am starting to think this will be the Silver Age Kara, a foil to the darker tone. But then put her in a blue skirt!

I just hope she isn't there just to be the buffoon.

Lastly, I guess i will just wait out the Superman story. Don't wantt to judge before reading.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

"I'm thinking that has to be a Silver Age Supergirl in JLA3000."

I agree, I think it is her just the usual skirt colored red in error. A part of me is so disappointed with Matrix's characterization in Convergence that I hope it ISN'T Mae.