Monday, March 9, 2015

Supergirls Everywhere!

This week has just been a smorgasbord of Supergirl all over the net. It made this Supergirl fan thrilled.

We finally saw the costume!

We learned that Jeremy Jordan will play Winslow Schott.

The pilot started filming on March 4!

And then we got this treasure!

Melissa Benoist tweeted this picture of her and Helen Slater together! The past Supergirl and the future Supergirl together! I love this picture! It is crazy/amazing! And I love it more after seeing the costume, knowing there is some resonance with the Supergirl legacy!

I also love that Andrew Kreisberg talked about how excited he was about this picture ... especially because he took it!

Just a great photo!

And then these photos on a website called JustJaredJr show Benoist on set with glasses on:

Could this be part of a Linda/Kara Danvers secret identity ruse, similar to cousin Clark? Or maybe Benoist wears glasses in real life. Either way, love the smile. I do wonder if she should be a little blonder. But I'll withhold judgment.

While the CBS show has dominated the news, there was another Supergirl on TV last week.

Nicholle Tom, Kara's voice in the DC Animated Universe shows Superman:The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited, was on Gotham last week.

She played Miriam, the insane daughter of corrupt Police Commissioner Loeb. It is definitely a creepy role. And it was even creepier to close my eyes and picture Supergirl saying the lines!!

What a great week for Supergirl fans!!


Count Drunkula said...

Apropos nothing about Supergirl in particular, seeing that picture of Helen Slater makes me want to watch the movie "Ruthless People" again.

Anonymous said...

I did not recognize Ms. Tom in Gotham, good call! I wonder if she is slated to be a series regular thereon? I like All The Supergirls to Do Well in their chosen profession you unnerstan'.
Oh and that selfie with Helen pure bliss...I say Helen needs to incorporate a super sorority, "The Imperial Daughters of Krypton" with herself as "Grand Survivor". :)
Tee shirts, mugs....the mind reels


Anonymous said...

HS and MB selfie! :gawks: the mind boggles / explodes at THAT goodness!

And didn't realise that was Nicholle Tom on Gotham either... wow! Her performance as Miriam was EEEERIE!

Just...Can't...Wait...Till...Supergirl TV...Comes...Out...


Manu said...

This fan site dedicated to Melissa shares apparently the whole set of these behind the scene pics, and a lot of others too :)

Click on the pics to have them big.

She's very cute ! :)

Anj said...

Thanks for comments!

It's crazy to be drowning in Supergirl news! I haven't experienced so much public Supergirl interest ... ever.