Saturday, March 21, 2015

Five Supergirl Villains I'd Like To See On The Show

I have been reporting on the Supergirl show, covering the news about casting, leaked plots, etc.

But I haven't really done too many posts about what I am hoping to see in the show. My plan was to do that as the show neared.

Blog friend Count Drunkula recently asked me to post about the top 5 villains I would like to see on the show. I was struck my the muse.

So here are the 5 villains I would like to see appear on the upcoming Supergirl show. I will put a caveat to this post. I wanted to post about Supergirl specific villains that I want to see. I could, for example, say I would want to see Poison Ivy. But Ivy isn't a Supergirl villain. I also wanted to include villains that have had an impact on the character as well, appearing in different incarnations of Supergirl if possible. And I also wanted the villain to have the power to stand up against a Kryptonian.

First off, a tip of the cap to the also-rans who didn't make it to the top 5: Lesla Lar, Black Flame, Nasty Luthor, and Brainiac.

We'll go in reverse order, leading up to the villain I want to see the most.

Number 5: The Gang

Okay, the Gang is a little known villain group from the earliest issues of Daring New Adventures. These were humans who somehow gained powers. Brains has her intelligence. Ms. Mesmer can hypnotize. Bulldozer can run into people and bowl them over. And Kong is super-strong.

Outside of the Daring New issues, we only saw them in 2 panels in Sterling Gates run.

However, they are often the butt of jokes for Supergirl-haters. So I would love to see them on the show to get a little respect. Also, I think one of the things that could hamper a Kryptonian is numbers. A true Gang of super-humans would have more of a chance against Supergirl.

Number 4: Blackstarr

Blackstar also was first seen in the Daring New Adventures run and had the pure power to stand up to Supergirl. Blackstarr had solved the universal equation of physics and as a result seemed to have some command over matter and energy. She fought Supergirl to a standstill a couple of time. As a result she is a proper villain who could challenge Kara.

And the idea of Blackstarr survived. In the panel on the left, from Action Comics #850, Supergirl fights Blackstar (in a possible future). She also was seen in the background of a panel in Sterling Gates' run as well.

Number 3: Satan Girl

Now we are getting into the cream of the crop of recurring Supergirl villains.

Satan Girl has appeared in three different incarnations of Supergirl's history. She has, albeit in different forms and identities, fought the Silver Age Supergirl, Peter David's Earth Angel Supergirl, and even the Sterling Gates' Supergirl.

While the name is a little wonky for television, you could definitely figure out how to put her in the show. The latter two incarnations are magic-based villains. A magic-based villain could definitely stand up to Supergirl and battle her.

Since she has been around in different incarnations, I would love to see her on the show.

Number 2: Reactron

Reactron is another villain who started out in Daring New Adventures of Supergirl (boy, Paul Kupperberg put his stamp on the character). A nuclear based powerhouse, he was able to hold his own against Supergirl and even the Doom Patrol back then.

In the Sterling Gates' run and during the World of New Krypton mega-arc, Reactron returned as a gold-kryptonite powered assassin. He played a huge role in the super-books throughout that storyline. In particular, he became a nemesis for Supergirl, killing her father Zor-El, and hounding Kara for years.

While I doubt that Gold Kryptonite would make it onto the show, you certainly could make him science based or nuclear powered. He could be a decent enough threat to make him interesting.

And my number one hope to appear on the show ...

Number 1: Silver Banshee

Banshee is a magic-based death demon and as such can be a true danger to Supergirl. We have seen the Banshee encounter Supergirl in Peter David's run, the Sterling Gates' era Kara, and even the New 52 Supergirl. She has been a sympathetic, a friend, even a frenemy. You could play up any or all of those characteristics.

She is visually stunning.

But most of all, she has a power set that would make her dangerous.

And so that's my top 5 villains I would like to see appear in the Supergirl show.

Who would you like to see?


Count Drunkula said...

Great list, Anj! I figured you'd have Silver Banshee and Reactron on the list, and I'm happy they're the top two. I agree that Silver Banshee should be Supergirl's arch enemy because of the personal connection Kara could/should have with Banshee's alter-ego. Reactron, meanwhile, should be Kara's version of Metallo.

I can see the Gang becoming recurring villains, either as legitimate threats, or the loser group that Supergirl deals with in the teaser of every sixth episode. A few other villains I thought would be cool are Insect Queen, Livewire from the DCAU, and some version of the Parasite.

LJ-90 said...

Some version of Superwoman would be cool. And like Count Drunkula said, the gang could be recurring villains Kara dealt with, like a joke, until the one episode they do some damage (think Buffy season 6).
But I'm a reader of the Sterling Gates era, so for me Reactron, Superwoman and Banshee would have to be big villains in the tv show, and I hope I get my wish :)

Unknown said...

Awesome picks from Kara's rogue's gallery of villains!

I'd love to see Belinda Zee or Bizarro Supergirl. It would be fun to see Supergirl match wits with her doppelgangers.

Zora/ Black Flame would be another character I'd enjoy to see on the show. I like her desire to best Supergirl, and the scientific technology she would bring to the fight.

Gene said...

Great list Anj, and I did not realize Paul Kupperberg had such an impact on Supergirl's rogue gallery.

I would like to see Selena and Bianca from the 1984 movie. They can be teachers at the local community college who dabble in black magic in their spare time. They can redefine the characters into something dark by being subtle and ruthless in their quest for power. Nigel could again be the math professor who helps them from time to time.


Anonymous said...

The greatest villain of them all: L. FINN! ;)

Anonymous said...

You forgot one of Supergirl's biggest enemies/villains: Marv Wolfman

Landry Q Walker said...

No SuperiorGirl? You wound me.

Caoimhe said...

How about June Moon, the Enchantress?

Anj said...

Thanks for all the responses.

I will be honest, the idea of BizarroGirl/BelindaZee/DarkSupergirl crossed my mind. But she just missed the cut.

I love the Enchantress and covered Kara's battles with her somewhere on this site.

But I have a theory about the direction of the show and I don't think any of my guesses will make it into this season.

Martin Gray said...

Great list. And thanks to Anonymous for making me laugh with L.Finn. I can see cases for everyone mentioned here, with my favourite extra suggestion being Bizarro Girl.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new to add to the list -- I do agree though, to keep the show interesting the villan
should a) challenge Supergirl in some way both physically and mentally -- watching Supergirl
bowl over someone with little effort than a wave of her hand kinda loses it's impact after
the second or third time, and b) have some (personal) connection to her.

Of your list, the two I resonate most with is Reactron and Silver Banshee. Reactron for what
he did to her father and New Krypton. And it was always a joy watching those two go at it
when S. Gates had those two together on the same panel. Silver Banshee I keep going back to
because she was New 52 Kara's first human friend, and I keep wishing that she and Kara could've
mended their friendship before the comics run ended. The path not taken...

Personally I'd find a VERY interesting hook in the TV series if there was a split persona-type
friend; on the surface Kara simply knows her as her BFF. But below, and hidden from the normal
persona is someone the complete opposite, and Kara finds herself battling her but without knowing
the two are one in the same person.


Anonymous said...

...and I may be crucified for this, but i LOVED Dark Supergirl and would be and EPIC
villan onscreen!

The Superman 3 junkyard fight scene is one of my personal favorite Christopher Reeve
Superman moments, and who can dispute the fact that our worst enemy may not be someone
else but our own self / dark demons inside us, which is how I liked how Dark Supergirl was
initially portrayed... before the character was cheapened out by subsequent writers / issues.


Anonymous said...

What no love for "Decay"? Kupperberg's first new supervillainess from the initial issues of TDNAOS?
She is fun because she was being crudely manipulated by a man to do evil.
I'll add the 1971 international super gangster Starfire to the mix simply because every heroine needs an unpowered female antagonist and I've alway wanted to see this character get fleshed out a bit.
Reactron (he goes without saying, a nuclear sexist oinker...perfect for TV)
The Enchantress? (YES! a magic based heroine gone bad this is another excellent prospect for TV)
Oh and "Princess Tlactla" (sp) the Mayan Princess who took on Kara early in her Superman Family Run. She was a brawler pretty much and Kara needs a pure brawler in the mix.

As you can see I favored women heavily in my line up...:)


William Ashley Vaughan said...

Agree that Starfire I should be one of the villains on the show as long as they ditch the dumb on and off powers plot. I can see her playing all sides against the middle for her own benefit and trying to manipulate Supergirl or remove her permanently depending on what is best for her criminal enterprises. Steve Skeates' Starfire II would also be a good choice for a villain who could give Supergirl a hard time in a fight.

Anonymous said...

Oh the on-off super powers wouldn't work on TV they'd confuse the casual viewer...but a older woman gangster has good villainy potential IMHO.
And anyway I just included Starfire as a little shout out to the Glory Days of 1971...:)


Martin Gray said...

Nasty would be perfect for a bottle episode, manipulative equals cheap.

Anj said...

I hate the 'on/off' powers storyline so much that I try to forget Starfire. I suppose as a mob boss that uses super-henchmen she could be interesting.

And L. Finn? You people are crazy!

Anonymous said...

I missed this first time it was posted so...

Great choices everyone. L. Finn?? YES!! Bring in the Inventor and team them up with Black Flame for a reunion. Bonus points if Supergirl tows them in a ship back to to the Phantom Zone.