Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Supergirl Casting: Jeremy Jordan As Winslow Schott

The casting news for the Supergirl show continues to impress. Greb Berlanti and Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg are really keeping me optimism high. The latest announcement was that Jeremy Jordan will play Winslow Schott. It looks as if The Wrap broke the story here:

Included in that was this blurb:
Jordan is set to guest star on the pilot (with the potential to recur on the series) as Winslow “Winn” Schott, a tech genius and superstar IT whiz who works alongside Kara (“Glee’s” Melissa Benoist) at Cat Grant’s (Calista Flockhart) company, CatCo.

 Jordan has been on Broadway in Newsies and Bonnie and Clyde. That means there will have to be a musical episode in the future sometime. He also was in the movie The Last Five Years.

I also find it interesting that he is listed as only a guest star in the pilot. I thought he was supposed to be more of a recurring character.

This was the initial description of the character:
CatCo programmer Winslow Schott is described as a twentysomething genius and "Comic-Con stalwart." He will be Kara's next door neighbor and develop a crush on her, which could lead to some awkward encounters should he ever give into the villainous tendencies of his comic book counterpart, Toyman.

So while still a tech whiz, Jordan skews older. He isn't described as a neighbor to Kara anymore. Nor is there the description of him as crushing on her.

My initial concern on the original description was that it seemed almost too analgous to Chloe on Smallville, a geeky tech genius with unrequited love. It sounded a bit cliche. So I am actually pretty happy with the new description. 

What do you all think? 


Gene said...

I think they changed Schott's initial description because too many fanboys would identify with him and his perceived rejection by Kara.

Anonymous said...

Agree. The casting has been superb and top of the line. I see the hand of CBS marketing dept. landing in on the project. I see they keep doubling the bet, This is CBS´s hugest project for the year, bar none. They are banking on it and money is no obstacle.
I think Geoff Johns hand is also involved. I predict a dream of a comix series come September.
(bring in Ed Benes & I´ll go quietly...)

Pilot begins production today. Godspeed & God bless. If Benoist can slip comfortably into that costume. If she can be as cool as Laura (gaa...the way she hit poor ol´Welling boy telling him: "You ain´t got a choice, pal!!")), If she can make us believe a wet dream can also fly...9 million viewers per ep.

Up up & away!
DAVID (we begin)

Anonymous said...

It has to be bigger than 9 mil, this is cbs, I am hoping 12 million. Thier ratings are insanely high expectation. 8 mil is called for cancellation for cbs. In other network 8 mil is great and given automatic renewel