Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kara Danvers On Set With A Linda Lang Vibe

I swear to everyone that this site will not become a Supergirl TV show news site. I will continue to cover comics/back issues/etc. I promise!

But there has been way too much news lately to simply ignore. Recently pictures of Melissa Benoist in her Kara Danvers identity have made their way to the internet. My favorite one is above. Tray of coffee in one hand, National City Tribune tucked under her arm, glasses on and hair in scrunchy ... she looks great. You get the vibe that she is sort of a gopher/assistant for Cat Grant and here she is making sure Cat gets her morning treats. I bet that isn't simply a coffee but is some double-this/half-that mocha something or other.

But you know what this really reminded me of ...

Linda Lang!

Back when Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle took over Supergirl way back in Supergirl #34 (god ... October 2008!), they gave her the Linda Lang identity as a way to integrate in Earth culture.

Hmmm ... glasses and a scrunchy. I know. Generic. But still ...

Here is another picture of Benoist as Kara Danvers on set. And here are a few more Linda Lang pictures.

A Jamal Igle commission.

Rags Morales take in Superman/Batman #55.

And Rafael Alberquerque's take in Superman/Batman #62.

I am just loving everything I am seeing. I better tamp down the optimism so I don't get too pumped.


Gene said...

Looks like she has been shopping the same places Felicity Smoak buys her wardrobe. :P


Anonymous said...

Is there any confirmation yet as to whether Supergirl will be taking place in the same universe as Flash and Arrow, since it's being made by the same company technically?

Louis Seymour

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

No confirmation yet Louis, just the usual rumors of it being possible.