Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Supergirl Show: Vartox And A Theory

There has been so much news and leaks from the Supergirl TV show that I am drowning in optimism. From seeing director Glen Winter with Supergirl movie director Jeannot Szwarc, to hearing Winter say he believes a girl can fly, to Geoff Johns talking about an iconic shot he witnessed, everything has been tantalizing! Just what publicity should do.

Now the latest casting news has come out.

Actor Owen Yeoman will star as Vartox in the series. Here is one of many links:

I don't watch the Mentalist so can't comment on him there. And I did watch Extant but can't place his character there either.

He certainly looks rugged enough to be Vartox. But all the links describe Vartox as a villain.

I never fully subscribed to Vartox as a bad guy. He was sort of the Superman for his world before all sort of tragedy struck him.

I can imagine him being some sort of pheromone powered alien Lothario. This will give the producers an excuse to put him in something akin to his comic book costume.

But with him being listed as a villain,  I am beginning to see a pattern in these casting and character announcements. All of the villains are aliens!

I wonder if the running story for the season is going to be Kara dealing with an undercover alien invasion of Earth. Or an extra-terrestrial cabal trying to control the planet.

I have wholeheartedly jumped on Count Drunkula's guess that The Commander is going to be Commander Blanx.

He'll be the head of this alien organization.

And we already heard in leaked Lumberjack audition tapes that the Lumberjack is an alien as well, someone with three hearts, someone where on 'his planet' women know their place.

With this idea of aliens being the set up for bad guys I wondered who else we might see.

Maybe Maxima?
Or Byth as a shape changer?
Maybe a Naltorian who can predict Supergirl's actions?

And all this will dovetail into Hank Henshaw feeling that humans are outmatched by these visitors from other planets. He'll start to distrust them all. And he'll feel that he needs to improve himself to combat them ... slowly becoming a cyborg super man.

You read it here first!


AndNowInStereo said...

I recognised Yeoman because he played the villainous Terminator Cromartie in the first series of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. He made a pretty good Terminator. You can check him out here fighting fellow Terminator Cameron, played by Summer Glau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-H3tZL-Sro

Supertorresmo said...

I think what they are going to do is base the character in his more recent characterization from Power Girl series (Power Girl 7-8, 2010).

He's kinda of a villain with good intentions.

Anonymous said...

Well...the advantage to Supergirl is that she doesn't have a really set-in-stone collection of rogues nor some "iconic storyline" that gives her high public recognition (save COIE #7 which is anathema to our purposes) so...you can really do anything with the character on TV as a consequence.
After ye olde PG series got done with Vartox, I will have a hard time taking him seriously....:)


Martin Gray said...

Good theory, and Vartox was teased as a villain originally, as that cover shows. It might be a way to bring Lana into the show.

I'm really looking forward to more of the Peege Vartox in the upcoming Harly/Kara mini-series.

Anj said...

Thanks for great comments!

It will be interesting to see if all these aliens are solo agents or some secret society.