Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Readers Favorite Moments Of 2014

Last week I reviewed 2014 and all the great moments that Supergirl had in comics. I listed my top ten moments as well as five honorable mentions.

I asked if there were any moments that I had missed. A year is a long time to review and I knew a couple of probably were overlooked. So thanks to those who dropped me a line and reminded me of some wonderful scenes that should have made the 'Best of' list somewhere.

Bartiemus said Supergirl saves Batman from Cyborg Superman in Superman Doomed 2. Kara comes in like a freight train to take the fight to Cyborg Superman finally now able to think straight thanks to be cured from the Kryptonite posing and Red Ring such a great scene.

I felt, overall, that Doomed was something of a mess. It was hard to follow the story, the infection, the feints. But there was this great moment when Supergirl, rid of the Red Ring, joins her cousin in battle and just brings it to the Cyborg. Magnificent.

But even better is how strong Superman thinks Supergirl is. Brainiac assumes Supergirl will kill the Cyborg but Superman knows better. Kara is too good for that.

Very nice!

Alex said Supergirl and Super Family save whale in Batman Superman issue 16 is another great moment in my opinion :) 
It is a simple moment, marred by gunfire a couple of pages away. But nothing said that things were going to be different than this moment from Batman Superman #16. The Superman family ... Superman, Supergirl, Krypto, and Steel ... are working together, and doing a simple good deed, saving whales.
In 2013, Superman and Supergirl weren't acting like friends, let alone family. Things have changed.
It was great to see them hanging out, cooperating, and being heroes.
Thanks Bartiemus and Alex. And thanks again everyone for a great year and keeping this blog such a fun comics community! 


Martin Gray said...

Some great moments, let's hope Kara has many more in 2015.

Bartiemus said...

A great year for Kara and us and 2015 looks to be even better onwards.