Wednesday, January 14, 2015

30th Anniversary: Crisis On Infinite Earths Index

I'll begin my intermittent year-long look back at Crisis on Infinite Earths with a look at The Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Index, put out by ICG, the Independent Comics Group. This book was released on April 1986, a few months after the end of the Crisis series.

This book is a very dense book, covering just about every aspect of the Crisis series, and so perfect for anyone who wants to do a deep dive into the series. It is written predominantly by Mark Waid (!) and Lou Mougin.

It includes a history of the multiverse and text on each established universe (for example Earth S, Earth 3, etc.). It has a breakdown of each issue - creative team, synopsis, and a listing of every character that appears in it (trust me an impressive task).

It also has a separate list of characters and which issue they appeared (for example Supergirl - 4,5,6,7) so that readers can look for their favorites in specific issues.

None of this is easy as the Crisis is a pretty dense book. The synopses alone would fatigue me. Having to catalog all the characters would be derail my efforts!

Even without the encyclopedic contents, I would probably have bought the book just for the cover.

There, small in the foreground, are Pariah, Harbinger, and Lady Quark - the three new characters to survive the Crisis.

And the background are all the characters who died (or, for Kal-L, Lois, Superboy, and Alex Luthor, went to paradise). There are too many to count but Supergirl and the Flash appropriately have a place of prominence.

George Perez draws a great Supergirl. I guess he draws a great everyone.

To give everyone a taste of what to expect if you buy this issue, here is the entry on Crisis on Infinite Earths #7.

Incredibly, all the characters on the cover are identified!
I do like the little 'In Memoriam Supergirl (1959-1985)' at the end of the entry.

I haven't seen this book (or the similar Index on the Crisis crossover issues) too often at conventions or stores but it is easily found on line and pretty cheap. They are probably worthwhile only to those who want a super-comprehensive look at the series.


Martin Gray said...

Wow, that looks exhaustive and exhausting. What a great tribute to Kara, though.

And how fab to see Lori Lemaris so prominent, only right and proper gives she's Superman's third most famous lady love, and the first to whom he proposed.

Anj said...

Agree on all points.

You know my love for Lori.

And I did think this was good source for people who don't know who everyone is or are looking to see which issues someone appears in.

I'm glad it is in my collection.

Anonymous said...

Can't tell whether the panels drawn in COIE #7 don't do the play-by-play written here justice, or the play-by-play doesn't do the panels justice.
I reread both, and can't decide which one...

Otherwise agree fully with the final closing statement of "In Memoriam." Brought tears to my eyes


Anonymous said...

One of these days, someone should do a alternative ending to this issue. In the alternative, Supergirl defeats the anti-monitor. She survives to move on to new heights...

Anonymous said...

Hell to the Yeah on that one! KILL OFF SUPERMAN KILL HIM DEAD DEAD DEAD!! And then follow thru with the one single Elseworlds scenario they've never dare explore: Supergirl Inherit's Superman's Role as Earth's Greatest Defender and prospers in the sinecure even surpassing Kal El in time....


We'll never see it, only because DC DEPENDS on Superman they have no one else to Job Out to Batman after all.



Anonymous said...

Hearhear! Though I think the closest we got to that Elseworlds scenario JF proposes is that one convoluted story in pre-New 52
Supergirl, issue #28. Definately NOT one of the better Supergirl moments there.