Monday, January 5, 2015

Gemma Atkinson As Supergirl?

I talked about how the Supergirl show was one of the significant Kara stories (if not *the* story) of 2014. Let's face it, putting on a live action show is going to garner new interest and concentration on a character. Look at what has happened to Green Arrow and Flash.

With the new year, the time is ripe for casting rumors and the those fires were stoked when the David Rapoport Casting company posted that 'She's coming soon ...'

With Claire Holt rumored and then un-rumored, it is no surprise that we heard another rumor for who would be playing the Girl of Steel.

Across the pond, in the Sun, Gemma Atkinson was named as being up for the role:

Now I must lead a sheltered life because I had never heard of Atkinson and so went to google search.

Whoa ....

There are plenty of cheesecake pics of Atkinson out there for those interested!

If she was linked to a Power Girl movie or show I would say the casting is perfect. But had I known of Atkinson, I don't know if I would have thought of her playing Supergirl. Maybe she could be up for Alexandra Danvers, the older sister?

Still ... I am hoping for Molly Quinn as Kara.


AndNowInStereo said...

My response to this rumour is one of scepticism. For two main reasons: if we take the casting calls released to the trade press a few months back as being accurate, they want actresses in their early 20s and Atkinson is 30; and because The Sun is not a very good newspaper and the fact it turned up there before any actual Hollywood-based sources doesn't make much sense. As an actress I'd say she's ok, based on when she was on Hollyoaks about a decade ago and the few times I saw her on Casualty last year, but she isn't anything special in my opinion. I'd be very surprised if there's much substance to this rumour.

Atkinson used to do glamour and lingerie modelling until a few years ago, and the internet being what it is, those are the pics you're going to see all over the web when you do an image search. I'm annoyed, although not surprised, by the fact that many of the clickbait websites reporting on this rumour have used those photos.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Atkinson is one who attended Rapaport´s casting process. One of hundreds. UK is hyping her chances a lot.
The real casting result is in and was leaked previously by IMDB.- The main ingredient is Madison Riley, 24, 1.75 cms. of beauty and talent.
She is a 2 to 1 bet and we should get the white smoke before Jan. 15.-

btw. (this is so biblical):
Rapaport Tweeter says "The lady is coming soon...!"
ok. maharanata to tou too, Mr. Berlanti.

Gene said...

"If she was linked to a Power Girl movie or show I would say the casting is perfect."

Took the words right out of my mouth. She would be perfect as Supergirl...on Earth-2.


Martin Gray said...

I'm with Thomas, take no notice, any agent can put their clients' name out there and the Sun doesn't care about the veracity so long as they fill a page and don't get sued.

That said, there's no reason Kara has to be American
- goodness knows what an Argo City accent sounds like, and screen adaptations, like Roman epics, seem to assume a British accent as the default, which I think is just daft. And Atkinson has a big enough bio at the IMDB to peg her as a decent professional at least, otherwise she's not get the work. Forgive her the sexy shoots, that just a British thing, actresses take the publicity and tend to regret it down the line. Heck, risqué photos and roles didn't stop Helen Mirren becoming a dame - acting' sneer been the most respectable profession.

As for her being more suited to Power Girl, it's amazing what a wardrobe, hair and make-up department can do.

I've not heard of Madison Riley but she has the look of Kara. Her CV is fluffier than Atkinson's but what the heck, whoever is cast deserves the benefit of the doubt. Most likely the part will go to someone we've never heard of.

The Mathemagician said...

First of all,Atkinson is a lovely and talented actress and I have zero problem with her playing Supergirl. Secondly-why does everyone here think she's too "womanly" to play Kara? You guys ever see how Supergirl was drawn in the late Silver Age? She was hardly a short waif. I don't think there should be THAT much physical difference between Power Girl and Supergirl-especially if we're assuming Supergirl is older,as this series is doing. I'm all for a tall,shapely Kara in her early 20's.

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I completely understand that this could all be conjecture/rumor about Atkinson. But there is no doubt that her name is out there whereas not many others were. I am sure she would be fine. And I don't mind where the actor comes from as all as she does the character right.

And I never said she was too womanly. I just said Atkinson seems like her body is more in line with Power Girl. I loved Laura Vandervoort and Helen Slater as Supergirl. I would never call them short or waifish! They were tall and shapely and athletic.

I also had to look up Madison Riley. She does seem to have 'the look'.

Anonymous said...

Don't think that Gemma Atkinson would be the right person. She's too "cheesecake" and doesn't emanate the same classy aura that Helen Slater and Laura vandervoot did.

AndNowInStereo said...

Atkinson has officially joined the cast of British soap Emmerdale, so that rules her out.

This is why I don't like to give too much attention to rumours.

Anj said...

It's fun to join in the speculation, even if just rumor.

I mean, who would think we would be talking about a Supergirl show?? I can't talk about it enough.

Good luck to Atkinson!

AndNowInStereo said...

Good point!

Have you thought about doing a "Things I'd like to see on the Supergirl TV show" kind of post?

Anj said...

Yes, I am planning that post.

Figure I will wait a little longer, hear about the cast first.

Manu said...

I had never heard about this Miss Atkinson before your post, and after a first "woo hoo-hoooooo !!!!" reaction at her pictures, i realized she could be more interesting in portraying Power Girl, rather than Supergirl, no ? I could see her as Kara, but for me, she would be a better Karen !!! She has all the equipment required for PG and the perfect face too ! Maybe the same temper I guess, when I see her doing muay thai ! What a girl, indeed ! :)

Anonymous said...

saw her in...something? I forget