Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Erica Henderson Commission

The winter months are long and cold and dark here in New England. I have often lamented the fact that there are no comic conventions in the area during these months because it would certainly give me something to look forward to, a ray of sunshine in the biting cold.

Thankfully, a comic event did happen this last Saturday!

Local comic store Hub Comics welcomed artist Erica Henderson, currently working on Marvel's quirky hit The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, to their store for a signing.

I had seen Henderson's work in Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures and, at the suggestion of many friends whose opinions I trust, bought Squirrel Girl and loved it. So I headed to the store and was able to grab some signatures and the great commission you see above.

I love this piece. First off, I love the fact that Henderson knew about Streaky and decided to put him in. Streaky only appears in two other commissions of mine - Jim Mooney and Franco. And I asked for him to be in both of those. This was all Henderson's idea!

And I love that it shows a sort if gentle side to Kara as she pets her kitty.

Lastly, Henderson loves the 'puffy sleeve' costume and so threw that look in.

Just a wonderful commission.

As she drew, I had a great conversation with her and others about the super-pets, the New 52, other recommended comics, and Squirrel Girl.

Head to Henderson's website for more information: http://ericafailsatlife.tumblr.com/

Squirrel Girl seems to be a lighthearted sort of 'Batgirl of Burnside' as the title character is in college and having fun. But unlike Batgirl, she happens to talk to squirrels and have a bunch of funny scenes. This is a comedy comic which pokes fun at comics as much as it embraces them.

And Henderson's style is perfect for this book.

Here's a panel which encapsulates the beauty of the book as Squirrel Girl melees with Kraven. Just a nice example of what this book is like.

Thanks again to Hub Comics for hosting!


Martin Gray said...

The adorability is off the scale, I hope DC grabs Erica Henderson for at least a Sensation Comics.

Anonymous said...

I like how she has "S" logo earrings - cute! :)