Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kid Robot Supergirl Key Chain

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a new addition to the Supergirl shrine available at my local comic book store. I was in the midst of some work-life angst and so seeing a little Supergirl merchandise threw a little bit of sunlight into my dark mood.

Kidrobot has come out with a series of DC Comics related keychains of some of the more prominent DC characters and Supergirl is one of them.

This is a cute little figurine of Supergirl in her New 52 costume. And, like many of the pieces of merchandise in the New 52 costume, I like it better here than I have in some of the comics.

This has a sort of stop-motion animation feel to it. It looks a little like it could be in Coraline.

The back of the box shows the ten characters 'immortalized' as a Kidrobot keychain.

There aren't many surprises here I suppose. The Joker and Catwoman are the only villains. Plastic Man is an interesting choice but works as a stretchy keychain.

I feel like Supergirl has risen in prominence to be in this group. I don't know if she would have made the cut a couple of years ago.

It found a nice little spot in the New 52 section of the Shrine.

And I think it is a nice addition as it adds a little bit of cuteness to an otherwise serious section.

Here is a closeup!

Always glad to add something to my Kara collection.


Bartiemus said...

That is so cute! Good to see Supergirl getting that TV push.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Like how the Kara Key Chain looks glowing in the last picture.