Saturday, April 5, 2014

Supergirl Kotobukiya Statue

The latest addition to the Supergirl Shrine was the recently released Supergirl Kotobukiya statue.

I have to say, I really like this statue for many reasons.

I thinks this is about as good a representation of the New 52 uniform that I have seen. No odd corners on the lower hem. And I love the metallic sheen of the paint. Really slick.

The confident facial expression, the Mahmud Asrar inspired hair style, the heroic pose - hand on hip, other hand clenched in a fist - it all works.

I also like that the base is a metal square and a magnet is embedded in the boot. It means I can feel comfortable the statue is secure. But it also means I can move her around on the square as I figure out how to place the base on the shelf.

Here is the statue from the side.

And from the back.

As always, I appreciate the dedication to details like the costume piping and the folds in the cape.

Very nice.

I know my camera is limited so here is a clearer picture of the statue from an ad.

It might be time for me to post an updated collection photo set.


Chris Barnes said...

Awesome, I bought the Flash Attic statue and the quality is amazing I'm thinking this line of statues would be a great one to collect

Chris Barnes said...

Artfx not attic

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for this in the UK :P

Your side view terrified me until I realised that lettering on the book to her left was messing up the appearance of her nose and forehead profile :D

(For a moment I thought this was another New 52 black pants Wonder Woman hack-job!).