Monday, April 14, 2014

New Supergirl Mego Figure??

If there is something of a grail piece for me in my Supergirl collection, it is an original Supergirl Mego figure. Way too expensive. Way too rare. I haven't even really seen one in person. Would I ever be able to claim one of my own?

Well, what about a sort of pseudo-Mego figure? The Figures Toy Company is putting together very limited edition two-packs of Mego style figures. Over on the, they have the card of available figures. Here is the link:

I am drooling over the Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez artwork. But I am amazed at the figures being offered! Mary Marvel! Yellow outfit Kid Flash! Captain Marvel Jr. (now Shazam Jr)! Early 70s Catwoman! Just beautiful.

And look at the Superman figures!

There is a bunch, including Supergirl. It is hard to see if this is a mini-skirt or hot pants! Either way ... I want one!

How about a 2-pack of Lois and Kara? Perfect!

Surprisingly, this could be relatively affordable. A 2-pack is $59.99. Just need to start squirreling away my nickels and dimes now. Here is an ordering page, including just Batman 2-packs:

Hat tip to Rob on Aquaman Shrine for bringing this to my attention!

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Anonymous said...

I think we have an idea as to what Supergirl figure is coming out.