Monday, April 7, 2014

Psi Sighting #4: Wait ... What??

With her reintroduction in Forever Evil: AR.G.U.S. , I have been reviewing the past appearances of old Supergirl rogue Psi. So far I have looked at her Who's Who page, her initial adventure in Daring New Adventures of Supergirl, and her death in the Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad Special.  You can read those peeks into the past here:

 I know you all thought it was over.

But I can't keep going back to Psi.

Despite being dead, she returned just a couple of years ago in the Blackest Night crossover event. In a story called Danse Macabre mixing the old Suicide Squad book and the 'Suicide Squad-like' Secret Six, writers Gail Simone and John Ostrander bring back some notable villains and characters who died as a member of the Squad.

I have to say I liked how DC resurrected some old titles for one last hurrah in Blackest Night. Suicide Squad was one of a handful that got dusted off for one last hurrah. And I love this painted cover by Daniel LuVisi.

And it is an interesting book pitting the Squad against the Six in a prison brawl. Who wouldn't want to see a fight between Catman and Bronze Tiger? Or a duel (albeit shortlived) between assassins Deadshot and Jasemin, neither of whom never miss? Add to that great art by Jim Calafiore and this was a fun issue for both Squad and Six fans.

But this is a 'Psi sighting' post. So where is she?

At the end of the book, the risen Black Lantern Fiddler, who spent times on both teams decides to make his own team of Zombies.

And so he resurrects those who died either at the hands of the Squad or as a member of the Squad.

Simone and Ostrander make the readers do a bit of research, giving only the secret identity of those rising. So I need to dig a little to see that his team includes Squad enemies Manticore, Ravan, and Shrike. It also includes prior Squad members Punch, Mindboggler, and someone who took up the mantle of the Atom.

Oh yeah ... and in the background is Gayle Marsh of Earth. You know her better as Psi!

So looks like I have one more twirl around the dance floor at my look at this character. At some point soon I will review Danse Macabre!

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