Saturday, April 12, 2014

Preview of JLU #0

Justice League United #0 is coming out in a couple of weeks. Newsarama, however, was able to give us a sneak peek, showcasing the first couple of pages. Here is the link:

Now this is a 'zero issue' and we jump right into the team working together in deep space. So this must be a flash forward sort of set-up. Maybe this scene takes place in the second arc? Or maybe this issue ends with a 'how did we come so far?' question from one of the characters, allowing JLU #1to flash back and get us here.

There is a lot to digest here. McKone's art is slick.

The team is working as a team.

Alanna is now a person of color!

But you know what caught my eye.

There is Supergirl, working with the team, in her 'classic' red and blues, and smiling!!!

I am trying to be optimistic about the 'bullheaded loner'.

Looking forward to this book. Hopefully Lemire picks up the tone of Bedard's book.


Anonymous said...

I am unreasonably excited for this line, both as a Supergirl fan and as a Canadian. Represent, Lemire!
I'm really curious as to how Canada is going to play into this comic.
And, agreed, hopefully Supergirl's costume and attitude reflect a Red Lantern period of growth and maturation.

Anonymous said...

I will totally read this book, Supergirl looks nice, no sight of any red lantern influence. But I have to say that this is issue #0,its the future, maybe Supergirl will be in the league as a Red Lantern at the begining or maybe i m wrong but its a posibility (I m lost about continuity right now))

Anj said...

Thanks for comments!

Seeing the transition from Red Lantern to traditional might be interesting to explore in this book as well.