Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sales Review: March 2014

March was another month of slow comics sales as reported over at ICv2. As always, that sites coverage of comic sales is superior and worth looking at in total. Here is a link:

I think everyone has been wondering if we are on a slow march to death of this medium. I have been saying it for a decade so I doubt we are close. But slow sales is worrisome. I do wish there was some report about digital sales.

And this day and age, we seem to be in a world of sales erosion. Each month it seems a title loses some readers. And when things reach a critical point, rather than going in a 'bold new direction' and keeping the numbering, companies now seem to cancel, pause, and resolicit. More #1 issues!

Supergirl #29 lost some readers from its last month ... that is true. But it had also picked up more readers last month with the initiation of the Red Daughter storyline. While it lost some sales, it retained more of the gain than it lost. We are still up from Supergirl #27's sales.

I am looking at the positives. Or trying to.

But it pains me that this book is hovering at the 100 mark. DC has really harmed this character over these 3 years. I crave a change and hope sales will follow.

Red Lanterns, Kara's other book, is selling a bit healthier at around 25K in sales.

As usual when I do sales reviews, I try to champion a book that I think should be selling better. Some examples from the past have been R.E.B.E.L.S., Danger Club, and Vibe.

It amazes me that Action Comics would be in this slot.

We are talking about ACTION COMICS!!

Yes, the book has suffered with Lobdell and the Diggle/Daniel upheaval.

But this book has been phenomenal since Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder took over.


Somehow this book is only selling 34K. Some book called Avengers World is outselling it. A Forever Evil mini-series is doing better!

It pains me.

If you think Pak and Kuder are doing it right, sing their praises everywhere! I don't want DC to yank them from the book!


Supertorresmo said...

I'm also very curious about how the digital sales are doing. I'm one that changed totally for digital, and I want to know if the digital is really reinvigorating the market or not...

Anonymous said...

The source cited can only gauge rough estimates of the number of comic book sales made every month. Plus it doesn't take digital purchases, online orders or subscription shipping into account. There are other factors too. But basically, Pak's Action Comics will be selling above 34K. Having said that, it is still below a lot of other comic titles which is a great shame.

AndNowInStereo said...

While comics sales are down in general, it is hard not to think DC specifically is doing badly against the total market. Their monthly sales are buoyed up by Batman, and by Unchained and Forever Evil when they actually bother to come out, but both of the latter are minis and aren't around forever. Here's an article I saw the other day which paints a slightly worrying picture for DC, you'll probably be interested in this.

Steve said...

The trouble with assuming there's lots of sales we don't know about for Action, anonymous, is that is true of every book. Action could very well be at the exact same spot if every book were to be adjusted upward. And honestly, it probably should be. The plots are old school cliches, Lana's reinvention doesn't seem to wow anyone but critics, and the art is pretty but a little more static than invested in telling the story clearly...

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Honestly, the reason I'm not buying action is because I think it's pretty shady that pak was unable to use Lois and has been basically giving Lana Lois' traits. Now, is it his fault he can't use Lois? No. But I don't want dc to think I'm supporting yet more tossing aside of Lois lane, for without her wonder woman or Lana.

When Lois shows up? I'll buy it. Also, if Lois were being treated better overall, I'd buy it even with her not in it. But it's just another case of anyone but Lois. Again not his fault but I'm not ok with dc continuing to screw the character over.

That said, at least from what I have seen online, pak at least writes a more recognizable superman.

Dave Mullen said...

Is there anything in Supergirl at the moment to attract and keep readers?

By way of contrast I have just read a couple of the Silver-age Action Comics back-ups, then found myself reading the Superman/Batman Annual tie-in the Reign of the Doomsdays, therein James Robinson tackles themes with Supergirl that had been running for years and it was ll quite excellent I have to say, Supergirl is a human being. Able to rise above her troubles to do the right thing and help others.
Then I come back to todays Supergirl...

The contrast between these differing era's brings home just how wrong todays Supergirl is, how weak she is as a character. There is not much difference between the trauma that modern Kara suffered and what she lived through both in the Silver-age and the Loeb relaunching of the character, all of these girls lived through catastrophe, but only todays Supergirl has failed, utterly, to rise above it and move onwards.

I have to be honest here and state that this is a terrible character. Thirty issues old and still wallowing in her own self-pity and loathing. It is little wonder sales have fallen away accordingly and the Red Lantern Corps seems such a natural fit at this point - a haven and support group for bitter lost souls.

Anonymous said...

Dave - The original Supergirl was sad for the loss of Argo na that's it (if I remember correctly). The previous one took about this long to start rising above.

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments.

I also wish there was some barometer on line for digital downloads. The whole sales picture isn't out there.

I am intrigued by Steve and Kelly. I am really loving Action to hear some dissenting voices is fascinating. I understand about the desire for Lois to be a big part of the mythos. But I am loving these stories.

Lastly, Dave ... I know. This has been a rough Supergirl incarnation. Remember Gates took over with issue 34. It takes DC some time to get there act together. I am trying to remain optimistic.