Thursday, March 13, 2014

Justice League Of Bloggers Crossover: Steve Garcia Art

 There is nothing like a good crossover to get a comic community together.

Note I said 'good crossover'!

Anyways, I'd like to thank The Irredeemable Shag from the Firestorm Fan site for putting together this blog crossover event looking at Steven Garcia's silhouette style art of comic characters. Garcia makes a sort of motivational poster feel to the pieces, boiling the characters down to a one word attribute. They are lovely.

Take for example, the Lois Lane poster above with the tagline 'assertive'. I like that Lois word is a strong descriptor. And the image, the press pass in bold white, but also the classic 'in the arms of Superman' is a great image. Hmm ... maybe "Investigative" might have been better!

Garcia's art can be viewed on Deviant Art here:
You can also see his works at these sites:

I couldn't help but post the Vibe poster given how much I loved the Sterling Gates' written series recently. "Unique" is another good word given his breaching powers. Hard to believe that I could turn around so much about Vibe! A true testament of a good book.

As for the rest of the Justice League of bloggers, please visit their sites to see other examples of Garcia's work. These are all DC character driven blogs which are great reads and part of my normal feed. Definitely worth perusing, especially if you are a fan of the character. These sites are showcasing their main characters as well as ancillary ones that Garcia has made posters of.

Firestorm Fan:
Doom Patrol:
Green Lantern:
Blue Beetle: 
Black Canary:
Swamp Thing:
The Riddler:
Plastic Man:
Wonder Girl:
The Atom:
Red Tornado: 
Black Lantern Martian Manhunter:

And even some stuff from Marvel!

Strange Tales:

Now that is some crossover! Almost a Crisis level of interaction! Lots of people who love comics out there working hard to promote the characters they appreciate!

I have to say, I love how social media has brought this community together.  

Don't think I have forgotten about Supergirl. I posted Garcia's Supergirl poster back in May. Here is a link to that post:

And Garcia's work has been covered on other super-hero blogs I like in the past as well:

Martian Manhunter:

Wonder Woman:


Captain Marvel:

Booster Gold:   

I hope you enjoy Garcia's art and all these blogs as much as I do! 

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