Saturday, March 15, 2014

Supergirl In The DCUO Video Game

As always, I am appreciative when friends point me to Supergirl news that I might otherwise miss. So a big thanks to blog friend Stephen Montalvo for telling me about Supergirl being a new playable character in the DCUO Legends game.

There is a nice sneak preview of her character at this site:   Fast forward to about the 3.5 minute mark to get to game play. I don't think she is a playable character yet as this seems to be a beta-test of the character.

I do like the design of the character. She looks great.

These are still shots, so pardon the 'play' icon.

This is a first person game so you are usually looking at Supergirl's back so you have her perspective. But occasionally she will turn around in one spot in game play. I think it is an interesting costume choice, one that never really made it into the comics. This is the belly shirt "Michael Turner" costume but with a red skirt. The only other time I saw this particular costume was in the last season of the JLU animated series.

She does have some dialogues which she says in the heat of battle which includes such witty banter as "Pardon my fists" and "This looks like a job for Supergirl!" The voice actress does a good job.

I will say at one point she says "You're bugging me!" which is said so fast that it might be confused (as I did) with something much much racier.

I don't play the game but she seems to have a nice complement of super-powers. Outside of flight, super-strength/punching, and heat vision she has a couple of nice maneuvers.

I liked this one where she blasts her heat vision into the ground creating a fireball/explosion. I thought it evoked the 'corona wave' solar flare power of the New 52 Kara.

And she also has a whirlwind/superspeed move where she creates a tornado. And this move can be chained meaning that it can become a persistent tornado rather than a one-off attack.

I would love to hear from any of the gamers who play DCUO to let me know what it is like and who they play. And if anyone eventually plays Supergirl, let me know how she does.

And thanks again to Stephen Montalvo!

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AdamNelson said...

I used to play DCUO. I didn't do Legends PVP all that much, so I was mostly using my own character. When I did Legends, I mostly used Huntress (or Ursa once she was introduced). I did start playing Lex once he was added to the game since his attacks were a better match for my own character.