Monday, March 17, 2014

Alex Ross Supergirl In Kingdom Come:Revelations

love stumbling across Supergirl that I haven't seen before. So here is a great shot of Alex Ross' Kingdom Come Supergirl. I have talked about Kingdom Come and Ross in the past but not for some time.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this picture out on the web. Here is a Ross sketch of Supergirl and Superboy from the Kingdom Come Revelations slipcase book. This is Conner and Linda/Matrix. Both are sent into the future in Kingdom Come as a way to eliminate their power set from the conflict (the explanation in the text on the above page). I love the Legionnaires' look to these costumes with the big Legion symbol belt buckle. There is also something 'Laurel Gand'-ish about Supergirl's look as well. Just beautiful!

Here are Ross' own words about the design from Revelations as well.

The current inheritors of these classic Superman family roles may not have the same blood relationship to Superman that the former had, but they could still join the Legion just as the originals did. The 30th Century's interplanetary Legion of Super-Heroes could well invite both super-youths to join their ranks and offer them a second home in the future. The implication in Kingdom Come is that at some point they will leave our modern era behind for a more settled society of superhumans in the future. Designing these costumes was a real joy, combining the modern Legion aesthetic with the classic Silver Age outfits of Superboy and Supergirl. Superboy's current "mod" hairstyle is grown out like Superman's recent 'do, but pulled back to give a sense of the original Boy of Steel's clean-cut look.

Here is the one quick peek at Supergirl in Kingdom Come (issue 2)  itself in extreme close-up. She is a tiny little thing in the full panel of the Legion.

As for Kingdom Come Revelations, it is a slipcase book, hardcover of the Kingdom Come comic as well as another book of sketches, notes, etc. It is signed by Waid and Ross and exceedingly rare. Good luck finding one! And be prepared to shell out some bucks!

Does anyone actually own it??


Saranga said...

That's a lovely Supergirl costume. I'd like to see some white in there though. Perhaps on the front panel?

Ed Dietrich said...

I do indeed own the slipcase/signed edition of "Kingdom Come" as well as many, many other items associated with the Waid/Ross masterpiece. I pre-ordered the edition when it was originally released back in 1997. "Kingdom Come" remains my all-time favorite graphic novel which I read at least once a year.

Adam said...

nice post about a great arc but the issue named for the appearance of supergirl and superboy is wrong, it is infact issue 1 page 35