Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tony Bedard On DC All Access - Supergirl And The Red Lanterns

I don't often look at the DC Comics site. But I got word via Twitter that Supergirl joining the Red Lanterns was the lead story of the DC All Access videos this week. How could I not look? Here is the link:

In the video, writer Tony Bedard discusses the upcoming story and hits on a few of the crucial points we have heard in other spots. He wants to make Supergirl less off-putting, more positive, and use the Red Lantern period as a way to work through her issues.

He also hinted about how Supergirl will survive the Red Ring if it is supposed to kill you if you remove it. He said there hasn't been a Kryptonian who has tried to remove the ring before. So I guess we'll see if that is enough ...

Maybe she crushes the ring?

There are a few nice preview panels for the upcoming Cinar issue. And, as usual, the art looks beautiful.

But then ... here is the real big news ... Bedard reveals who the upcoming artist on Supergirl is going to be ...

Emanuela Lupacchino!!!

I have really loved Yildiray Cinar's work on this book. But I can't wait to see Lupacchino on interiors here. I have loved the covers she has done on Supergirl and Ame Comi and World's Finest. So I think she is a strong choice for the book.

So publicity is good, what we heard about the story is good, and the new artist news is great!



Martin Gray said...

Yeah, I noticed the new artist on the solicitations, I'm keen to see how her storytelling is.

AndNowInStereo said...

I'm optimistic that her storytelling is good - I read Worlds' Finest #15 recently announced, and that's a damn good book, for a mostly action-packed issue. She seems to be great with expressions and poses. We'll also see her interiors next week in Lois Lane #1. It's good to have a long-term artist on the book again!