Friday, February 28, 2014

DC Collectible Supergirl Action Figure

Toy Fair 2014 happened a couple of weekends ago and DC Collectibles did its best to stay in front of the wave of publicity that would be spreading from the Fair by early releasing pictures of their new merchandise. It was covered in several places. Here is the link to Comics Alliance's coverage:

And one of the offerings is New 52 Supergirl action figure! This is the only shot I have seen released but it does look like a beauty.

There are plenty of details to notice. Looks like there is articulation at the shoulder and ankle as well as the usual elbows and knees. The fussy indented lower seam of the costume, one of the things that really bothers me about this costume, is missing. That is one hem. Now I hope the K-crystal is removable. I suppose that is included because she used it to try and murder H'El .

One thing that really stands out for me is the hair which looks exactly like Mahmud Asrar's rendition of it in the book.

As these are preview pics, there isn't price point or release date information right now. I suppose that will be coming soon.

But I am definitely in!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Finally a proper New 52 Supergirl figure. All the previous statues/busts have been close to what she looks like, but none of them quite hit the mark. This is much better.