Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yildiray Cinar's Silver Banshee

I was a little let down when I heard that artist Yildiray Cinar was only on the Supergirl book for only four issues. That means we only get to see his great art on the book for only two more issues. That brings us just into the Red Daughter storyline.

Still, I wonder if the Maid of Might has gotten into Cinar's blood a little bit. Or at least the ancillary characters in the book. Over on Twitter, Cinar has posted some interesting character studies on the new Silver Banshee.

I love this first one. You can feel her bracing herself as she cuts loose with her wail.

And we only get a glimpse of some other looks at Siobhan.

Here it looks like Cinar is getting a handle of her face from different angles and viewpoints. Wish we could see all of them.

And then this look at the Banshee. Looks like she is rising or standing up.

Just great stuff which makes me feel even lower that Cinar is leaving. And kudos to Mahmud Asrar for designing this Banshee's look.

Cinar posted these on Twitter but he also posts a lot of pencil art and other great stuff over on his website:
http://www.yildiraycinar.net/   Definitely worth a peek. Looking forward to Cinar's issue with Siobhan!


Anonymous said...

Very "Walking Dead"....


AndNowInStereo said...

I'm looking forward to it too, and it is a shame they're not keeping Cinar on this book permanently after the really great work he's done here. Hopefully there will be a long-term artist at some point. Lupacchino's issue(s) should be great though, if her work on Worlds' Finest is any indication.

Cinar also posted this on twitter. I wonder if that's also Siobhan, under the blanket?