Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Future Is Now Artwork

 The future seems to be now as images of the new Red Lantern Supergirl are starting to be posted.

The first one I saw was on Twitter when artist Yildiray Cinar posted this character study of the newest Red Lantern. I might not be too sure about the direction of the book but I have always known the art would be fantastic. There is a raw power feeling to this picture that I like.

And then Cinar also posted this, character studies of Siobhan. I am glad that Siobhan is sticking around as a supporting cast member. I hope she doesn't immediately go the way of the villain. I know there is a cover out of Supergirl and Silver Banshee battling. Hopefully Siobhan is holding the demons at bay.

Really lovely stuff here.

Cinar is unfortunately only on the book through Supergirl #29. Too bad. He is a wonderful fit for the character.

So let the guessing games begin for who the next artist should be.

More interesting are the pages from Green/Red Lantern #28 posted over on the DC website. Here is the link:  This art looks to be the work of Billy Tan.

I think this is probably just as Kara puts the ring on, maybe not being aware of what it does to it's wearer.

Here she is holding the wrist of the ringed hand as if it is a separate part of her, as if she is fighting it and what it is trying to do to her. And she doesn't necessarily look pleased here.

And I don't think she is attacking this guy here.

I am going to bet that this is her asking this poor Green Lantern to help her. I bet the energy is just eating her up here.
And here, my guess is she doesn't realize her own strength and has knocked the Lantern out.

His friend probably assumes she is attacking so decides to toss some asteroids at her which she will vaporize.

If I am right, I am glad that Kara doesn't immediately embrace the ring. Of course, we know in the end she gives in.

We are a month and a half away from finally seeing how this thing really plays out.


Thomas Hayes said...

I am very intrigued by the preview images. I noticed the way she's holding onto her right arm too, and also that the predominant body language here seems to be more pain and confusion than hostility.

And it would seem, as expected, that Kara is the central driver of the plot in Green Lantern 28 if these are early pages in that issue. It'll be intriguing to fit these events into her personal timeline, and as you say, we won't have the full picture for a while, possibly not until the end of March when we've had issue #29 of both Supergirl and Red Lanterns.

Chris Barnes said...

I LOVE the first picture! Such great lines and colouring!

Jay said...

Good news everyone!

Supergirl's going to be a member of the new Justice League United, and she's not a Red Lantern on the cover.

Anonymous said...

This is off topyc but Supergirl will be in the justice league of Canada on April!! and with no ring only her "S".

Anonymous said...


ealperin said...

Interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

Judging from what I've read in the April solicitations, Supergirl's Red Lantern phase may last only three months because the storyline mentioned there is part 2 of 3.