Thursday, January 30, 2014

Forever Evil ARGUS - Psi!

While Forever Evil as a crossover event hasn't really grabbed me, the Forever Evil A.R.G.U.S. mini-series has been a wonderful little offshoot, highly entertaining.

I will admit that I only picked up the book when I saw writer Sterling Gates was on board. I have rarely (I don't thin ever) been disappointed with Gates' books. Between reading Suicide Squad, Vibe, and Justice League, I felt like I knew enough about ARGUS and the internal workings of these secret agencies in the DCU.

So far I haven't been disappointed. Steve Trevor has really shined here. And I really like the new more tragic Killer Frost. This book has really read more like the Ostrander Suicide Squad. These are a mix of characters with a mix of motivations but all working towards a good goal. This book really makes me think that Gates would shine on a team book. And god knows DC has a bunch of teams on the shelf or about to be canceled. I'd love to see Gates' on a Checkmate style book.

But wait ... there's more ...

Oh my god ... it's Psi!  A new Psi ... but Psi nonetheless.

One thing I appreciate about Gates is his ability to take some of the lesser known DC characters and bring them back, even as an Easter Egg. So we saw BizarroGirl, Reactron, Satan Girl, and Superwoman in new incarnations in Supergirl. We just got the new Killer Frost. And in Vibe we saw a new Gypsy as well as all the crazy inmates in the Circus.

So while not surprised to see Gates bring back a little known Supergirl villain in theory, I am surprised to see Psi again. And this one looks downright bizarre, mouthless, metallic, other-dimensionally. At first I thought she looked Cronenberg-y. But now I think she is more like a Clive Barker character. And there is a whiff of evil in her, or an out of control nature. She grabs Steve Trevor and sort of assaults his mind.

Moreover Gates has Steve Trevor talk about when Psi first breached into the DCU she was stopped by Vibe and ... Supergirl!! An untold tale of Vibe and Supergirl, a heroic Supergirl who helped Psi get help from ARGUS. There is an mysterious and unseen Green Man, a long-time ARGUS agent who I am guessing is the Spectre. And then Gates calls the prison tubes in ARGUS Draper tubes, a nice Easter Egg nod to Moosie Draper, the Master Jailer. Awesome sauce!

But back to Psi, the real focus of this post.

If you re-introduce a Supergirl character to the current DCU, you know I am going to have to showcase them.

So in the first of several looks back at the little known character Psi, I present her entry in the 1986 Who's Who book. The history section will review her story as seen in Daring New Adventures of Supergirl  1-3, but don't worry, I'll cover them in detail. (In fact I have already reviewed Daring New #1 and, as a result,  Psi  here.) Suffice it to say, Psi had tremendous psionic power, enough to floor Supergirl when they tussled.

The art here is by comic legends Carmine Infantino and Bob Oksner, both of whom were nearing the end of their creative years. While I like the oversized flowing black cape/cloak, the rest of this costume is pretty ugly and silly.

Expect a couple more looks back on Psi over the next couple of weeks! And thanks to Sterling Gates for bringing back a Supergirl rogue. Would love to have Tony Bedard bring her over to the main title.


Anonymous said...

Wait, what? "It took both Vibe and Superman's cousin Supergirl..."

An untold story!

AndNowInStereo said...

Cool. It's good to have mentions like that for characters outside of their own books. This is especially good for Supergirl right now, because in her case with no fixed locations, a tiny supporting cast, limited rogues gallery and - at the moment - no team affiliation, her world feels kind of small. With a living fictional world you should feel like stuff is happening off-page but Supergirl's book is so tightly focused on her it feels like she's not done much we haven't seen. Especially not being, you know, an actual superhero.

Lucky that Gates understands that. I haven't been reading Argus but I keep hearing there's worldbuilding all over this book, particularly for Wonder Woman's mythos. A lot of people like it. It's a shame it's not selling that brilliantly out of the FE tie-ins.